«Telecommunications»: The judiciary confirmed the validity of the tariff range of numbers

The Communications Commission referred to the news of the judicial ruling issued by the Court of Cassation, in favor of one of the telecommunications companies, amounting to 18.2 million dinars, from 2011 to 2016, related to the ministerial decision issued in 2011, regarding the allocation and reservation of the number range.

The authority indicated that in 2011, i.e., before its establishment, a decision was issued by the Ministry of Communications, related to increasing the tariff for the range of numbers assigned to telecom companies from 2 dinars to 6 dinars per number per year in order to enhance state revenues.

Abdulaziz Al-Babtain

“Communication” stated that, upon the official transfer of competencies to it in February 2016, it began reviewing all previous ministerial decisions, and that in July 2016 it issued a new decision related to the number range to be consistent with the Telecommunications Law (37/2014), since the number range is a scarce resource and with a tariff Annual 6 dinars per number per year.

She pointed out that one of the telecommunications companies complained about the decision of the Ministry of Communications issued in 2011 to the Kuwaiti courts, as the Court of Cassation finally issued a ruling obligating the ministry to compensate the company with about 16.981 million dinars, and the Authority 1.310 million dinars, which is for the period from the authority’s assumption of its responsibilities in February 2016 until Its decision was issued in July 2016.

“Etisalat” revealed that one of the telecommunications companies complained about its decision issued in July 2016 regarding the tariff of the number range, grading all degrees of litigation that ended up supporting the authority’s decision to reject the case, confirming the validity of its decision, explaining that the last court ruling came as an appeal against the decision issued before its establishment, and that the judiciary confirmed the validity and integrity of the decision issued by it with a final ruling.

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