Teddy, beware the werewolf of the Southwest is sticking out his claws!

TRAILER – With few resources and many ideas, the Boukhrema brothers give in their first feature film a bleeding vision of peripheral France.

Since the Lumière brothers, the line of brother filmmakers continues to grow. After the Taviani, the Coen or the Dardenne, to name a few, we now have to reckon with the Boukhrema. Ludovic and Zoran Boukhrema, 28-year-old twin brothers, confirm with Teddy the talent seen with their first feature film, Willy 1st. This time, they are not afraid to sign a werewolf film that is both true to the genre and at the same time very personal.

In Teddy, selected in the Cannes 2020 selection, in competition at the Gérardmer Fantastic Festival and at the cinema on June 30, we find nights of full moon and lycanthropy, but located in the Pyrénées-Orientales, with the accent of the South-West and non-professional actors who are somewhat reminiscent of Bruno Dumont’s cinema. Professional actors, too, starting with the excellent Anthony Bajon (Prayer) in the skin of Teddy, a little white boy with no diploma or future, a masseur in his spare time in a salon run by a healthy Noémie Lvovsky.

With few resources and a lot of ideas, the Boukhrema give a bleeding vision of peripheral France, much more entertaining than any treatise on sociology. “We wanted to take the werewolf to the France in which we grew up” say the brothers with one voice. It succeeded.


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