Technical vs management degree at PG level

Q. I had completed BCA from Delhi and worked in technical corporations for over a year now. I am more than happy with my technical job, but recently I have observed the trend in corporate of technical graduates opting for MBA instead of MCA or MTech to get higher managerial posts. I want to continue with technical side but also feel the need of obtaining managerial skills and degree for better prospects of my life.

Manoj Kumar, Dera Bassi

A.First of all I would like to tell you that you’ve observed the trend in corporate world accurately. Ambiguity over MBA or MTech is usually an engineer’s biggest dilemma.

MBA and MTech both are post graduation degrees, however, totally distinct from each other. Through MTech you can enter in IT organizations where you will get a great package, yet not a high package and higher positions. Indeed, even some M.Tech applicants are additionally doing MBA.

MBA assures the candidate with a position in middle level management and the high level management with high salary. Companies are willing to offer huge packages to the management candidates, but they will not pay similar amounts to MTech candidates realizing that an MBA graduate have technical as well management skills.

People usually go for master’s in management to get to the higher ranks and better salary prospects because after being a technical graduate, they realize that if they possess only a technical degree then they would always be subordinate to their boss and given instructions instead of having the freedom to decide what to do by themselves. This kills the creativity of an employee.

Other than this if you go for the management degree you also get to possess the technical skills as well as the managerial skills of the job which might help you obtain higher ranks and salary packages in the corporate. So after weighing both the degrees on scale, I hope you just follow your Ikigai and see for yourself the best possible option.

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