Tayseer organizes a group marriage ceremony for people with disabilities next Sunday

The Tayseer Association to help people with disabilities to get married organizes the “first group marriage ceremony for people with disabilities”, which includes all types of disabilities..

The ceremony will be held next Sunday evening in the Great Hall of Madareem Crown Hotel in Riyadh.

Yesterday, the association held a press meeting in which its president, Salman bin Dhafer Al-Shehri, explained that the number of people with disabilities who registered and met the conditions reached 100 young men and women, divided between healthy and disabled. One of the two parties to the marital relationship is healthy, explaining that the goal of this condition is for the association to inject a healthy family into the society.. He said: The number of healthy men is nine and the number of disabled people is 41, while the women are 41 healthy and 9 are handicapped… meaning that the total number of men is 50 Between healthy and people with disabilities and women 50 are also between healthy and disabled..

He said that the goal is to send a message to the community that a healthy person (a man or a woman) can marry or marry a person with a disability and that their marriage can be successful and their lives happy and successful… In order to achieve a noble goal of integrating people with disabilities into society.. He continued: We were surprised by the turnout of men to marry women with disabilities, and healthy women to marry men with disabilities..and this, praise be to God, is a beautiful indication of society’s acceptance of its groups and the charitable, interconnected and supportive qualities that our society enjoys..

Salman Al-Shehri stressed that the Tayseer Association was established to fulfill three basic needs for people with disabilities of all categories: (marriage, job, housing).

He pointed out that one of the association’s goals is to facilitate for people with disabilities and help them financially and non-financially in forming a happy family, which will be, with permission, a valid building block in the building of society.

He added that the association serves the healthy woman who marries a disabled woman, and the disabled woman who marries healthy, explaining that one of the conditions of the program is that one of the parties to the marital relationship is healthy in order to serve and take care of the other partner, explaining that the Tayseer association aims to inject a healthy generation into society.

He said: We look forward to doubling in the coming years the number of people the association can serve, and for the number of sponsors to double as well.

Salman Al-Shehri decided that the Tayseer Association is the first in the region in its field of interest, explaining that all its services are provided electronically.

He added that the Tayseer Association has so far signed fifty partnership agreements with several agencies, civil society organizations and civil companies with the aim of organizing rehabilitation and enrichment programs for the beneficiaries before reconciling them in the process of forming a family.. It also helps them in securing suitable housing.. It provides the beneficiaries and their families with social, psychological, educational and legal counseling, In addition to financial and in-kind assistance.


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