Tamer Hosny jokes with married couples at his party

The audience of the artist, Tamer Hosni, interacted during the ceremony, which was held in the Dome of Jeddah, with the clip “And this is from me, I am on one hand and one hundred on your cheek” from the song “I and Arif”, where he started jokingly with the audience, saying this bossa, where he indicated to one of the attendees that he kiss the hand of His wife, and then laughingly said, “This kiss is on your cheek,” saying with his usual lightness, “This is for married people.”

The ceremony began with the participation of the Saudi artist, Mohammed Al-Sahli, who was invited to the ceremony as part of the initiative of the Entertainment Authority to support young talents. Al-Sahli opened his link by thanking Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh for the initiative and his support for talents. He also thanked his family, who had been supportive of him from the beginning. He also thanked the organizing company “benchmark” and participated in a number of songs such as his song “Describe what” and “I am with you.”

warm welcome

After that, the audience welcomed their artist Tamer Hosni, and his concert began with the support of Saudi talent Mian Akram with the song “I Love You”, where the artist played the keyboard.

Then he sang Qolni Kalam, and after that the audience interacted with the song “Ainya Bethbak” and after that he performed his famous song “Invention”.

The song “Enough Excuses” also witnessed a great interaction from the audience, the song “I am tired of others” and others.

At the end of the ceremony, the artist Tamer Hosni thanked the Jeddah audience and the Kingdom’s hosting of him and the Entertainment Authority, and praised the attendees and their interaction.


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