“Tamayouz by stc” welcomes distinguished customers at Olympia Mall

Atwi: Innovation and enabling digital transformation are the two main drivers of the company’s business
We believe in providing customers with innovative solutions and services that improve their lifestyle

The Kuwaiti telecom company “stc” opened a “Tamayouz” lounge to receive distinguished customers in Olympia Tower, from Sunday to Thursday, from 8 am to 4 pm, pointing out that it is a specialized program that it designed and launched exclusively to serve its distinguished customers, providing them with solutions and services Exceptional with exclusive benefits.

The company explained in a statement that the “Tamayouz” lounge will provide the privileged customer segment with a program that includes allocating a personal account manager, with platinum numbers with distinctive packages, free delivery services, the distinctive “Qitaf rewards” program, priority call center response, and priority access to new offers. And the latest smart devices and mobile phones that are launched worldwide.

Amer Atwi, CEO of Consumer Sales at stc, said, “We are pleased to open the new Tamayuz lounge to serve VIP customers and meet their diverse needs, while providing them with a range of innovative solutions and an exceptional experience with us. Our goal by launching the program is to support lifestyle choices. life for them, while allowing them access to exclusive offers, promotions and the latest devices we have to offer.”

He added that innovation and enabling digital transformation are the main drivers of the company’s business, which gives added value to its services and enhances the operational aspect of its business, stressing the company’s belief in the need to provide customers with innovative and distinguished solutions and services, with a focus on how to improve their lifestyle choices, through sustainable solutions that are available and facilitating Their experience, pointing out that from this standpoint, the launch of “Tamayuz” Lounge came to become its integrated platform to provide distinguished customers with an exclusive and unparalleled experience.

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