Talili is the first autistic person to get a driver’s license

Muhammad al-Talili, a young man whose suffering did not prevent him from overcoming autism that he suffered when he was three years old, so that, with the help and cooperation of his family, he could overcome all circumstances and surpass his peers, and achieve many achievements in several competitions, and keep up with his peers inside and outside his school. He was able to achieve what no one else could achieve by registering himself as the first autistic person to drive a car alone, and to obtain a private driving license, and the family became heavily dependent on him to fulfill their needs and deliver them to the places they want, even when they travel they are not indispensable to Muhammad, who was able with his will and determination to break the rule To become a role model.

The onset of the infection

“Al-Watan” met his father, Mujib Al-Talili, who talked about the beginning of his discovery of his son Muhammad’s autism. The largest place depends largely on the family, and on training, whether from the hospital, family or school.

Educational attainment

He added: Muhammad began his education in Ahmed bin Hanbal Primary School, and continued his intermediate education at Al-Mughairah Bin Shu’bah School, then secondary school at Al-Anf Bin Qais School, and he graduated from it and was one of the outstanding and exemplary students, and all his teachers praise his skills and abilities.


Regarding Muhammad’s desire to learn some things, including driving a car alone, he said: For science, autism is considered normal. And he also learned to swim despite its danger and mastered it, and when he grew up, we found that he had an unbridled desire to learn to drive a car, but rather he had determination and persistence, and we did not stand in his face despite our awareness of the danger he and others would face, and we trained him and did not rush in that, so his training continued for nearly a year despite a warning Some blamed others, but we had great confidence in Muhammad and he did not let us down and ignored all the social pressures that were facing us. An autistic person can drive a car alone, and can practice his life normally, and he was able to obtain a private driver’s license after passing the driving test ably.

1427/1429 He was awarded the Prince of the Region Award for Academic Excellence

1428 He was selected to participate in the second Gulf championship for the autism category and won two gold and silver medals

He received a letter of thanks from Prince Nawwaf bin Faisal

1431 Honored by Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah, Governor of the region

1435 He won the Sheikh Mohammed bin Saleh bin Sultan Award for Excellence and Creativity at the level of the Kingdom

1435 Recorded his name as the first autistic person to drive a normal car alone

1439 Received and honored by the Deputy Governor of Najran Region, Prince Turki bin Hathloul bin Abdulaziz


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