“Talabat” updates the smart tip feature before Ramadan

Talabat has updated the smart tip feature, which it launched in 2020, to provide tips to the driver while delivering the order to customers’ homes, so that all customers can enjoy it within a few days.

“Talabat” had launched “Talabat” in 2020, a smart tip feature on its platform to be an easy and safe way for users to assess the effort exerted by delivery drivers, after it had previously provided cash to the driver.

The company provided this feature to its customers due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, so that they could honor drivers and keep everyone safe at the same time.

The smart tip upon its launch was aimed at enabling users to appreciate the efforts of the drivers after the order was delivered. Customers would review their previous requests and then click on the option “Reward the driver”, after which 100 percent of the tip is transferred to the driver’s bank account to be paid to him with his monthly salary.

Since its launch last year, users have given more than 100,000 euros in gratuity to drivers’ efforts and sacrifices during times of home quarantine.

In February, Talabat drivers received tips of nearly 10 thousand euros, which is the highest number this year at the regional level at the police level.

UAE users gave the largest tips at the regional level, with more than 36 thousand euros, followed by Qatar employees with more than 29 thousand euros, and Bahrain with more than 22 thousand euros.

“Talabat” indicated that Qatari users tend to reward drivers with the highest amount available on the application (8 riyals), compared to application users from the United Arab Emirates, who tend to offer the average amount (4 dirhams).

The largest regional tip on the app was in the UAE, at 112 dirhams (26 euros) in January 2021, as surprisingly, users showed more generosity in tips during weekends on Friday and Saturday, compared to other weekdays.

Talabat’s chief financial officer, Khaled Al-Faksh, said that the company’s drivers are at the heart of the process of delivering the best possible experience.

Iman «Talabat» affirmed that updating the smart tip feature will make tips easier, as they can now tip while waiting for delivery to their doorstep, instead of waiting until the delivery process is completed, adding, “Our heroes in the delivery fleet are our backbone and are the basis of our success. We are excited about this update of the Smart Tip feature. ”

Al-Faksh pointed out that the “Talabat” application is available to customers on the “Google Play” store for “Android” phones, and the “Apple Store” application store for “iPhone” phones from the “Apple” company.

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