Talabat presents more than 120 products for “Al-Matahin”

Talabat Al-Kuwait Company has entered into a partnership agreement with the Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company, with the aim of offering and delivering all the “mills” products available in its store through the Talabat platform, so that all the items in the cooperative societies will be available through the application.

Bader Al-Ghanim, Managing Director of Talabat Al-Kuwait, said that the company is proud to sign a partnership agreement with Al-Matahin, pointing out that it represents a great importance in the food sector in Kuwait, especially as it is a leading company in the food industries at the local and regional levels, and is keen to keep pace with the needs of The consumer and the development of its products, in response to the requirements and trends of the markets, by providing the best unique products.

Emad Al-Haffar

Al-Ghanim indicated that the presence of “Al-Matahen” is a qualitative and value-added addition to the services sector, which is available through “Talabat”, stressing that this step will be the beginning of expanding the service and keeping pace with the aspirations of consumers.

Al-Ghanim said that all the products of “Al-Matahin”, which are more than 120 products, will be available in “Talabat” through a special store for it, indicating that the delivery will be within 30 minutes only and at the same prices as in cooperative societies.

He added, “Being the leading technology and e-commerce company in Kuwait and the region, we are keen to cooperate with all companies in the market from the public and private sectors, and to strengthen cooperation to advance the market to broader horizons to create greater opportunities for our partners from all different sectors.”

He pointed out that Talabat is working to provide more services and products to its customers through accurate delivery of orders, and the selection of the best branded partners to place its products on its platform.

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