Talabat appoints Yildirim as Director General of Kuwait

Talabat has appointed Muhammad Yildirim as the general manager of its Kuwait branch, to succeed the current manager, Azzan Al-Zawawi, who will be assigned to a regional position, to be responsible for Talabat Mart service operations, which is the express trade market on the platform.

Yildirim will work to develop and improve operational efficiencies in the Kuwaiti market and will remain responsible for the company’s international expansion plans.

Talabat stated in a statement that Yildirim joins its team in Kuwait today, with his long experience and extensive knowledge, after successfully leading the UAE and Oman team as general manager.

She expressed her confidence in Yildirim’s experience to complete the march of Azzan Al-Zawawi and lead the Kuwaiti market, which she embraced at its beginning.

For his part, Yildirim said, “During times of the pandemic, we had to evolve and adapt to coexist with the new conditions that included curfews and home quarantine measures in many parts of the country, to ensure the safety of everyone and keep them safe in their homes.”

He stated that in light of these conditions, circumstances and challenges, the company continued to develop and work to ensure the continuity of its services through its integrated system.

He expressed his belief that the skilled Kuwaiti hand is an indispensable pillar in the growth and prosperity of the company, pointing out that it will expand and launch many jobs in search of the best Kuwaiti skills, to help it complete the success journey that began from the same place in 2004.

For his part, Azzan Al-Zawawi said that he will continue his support for the Kuwaiti “Talabat” team as it moves to its regional role, as it will be responsible for the growth of the rapid trade service “Talabat Mart”.

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