Takamol launches Qurra service for children’s hospitality in workplaces

Takamul Holding Company has launched the “Qura Aamal” service for children’s nursery, which aims to raise quality and professionalism in the business sector by supporting employers to achieve a balance for female employees between work and family life, by establishing and operating children’s hospitality centers within the workplace that suit the mother’s working hours In each destination in addition to the official holidays in the Kingdom.

The Qurra service aims to improve the work environment in Saudi Arabia by providing a child-hosting service with international standards and developmental programs, in addition to providing qualified incubators and trainers in the basics of dealing with children and providing an electronic daily system to follow up on the child within a comprehensive operational program for the child-hospitality center within the workplace.

On this occasion, Ms. Abeer Al Hashemi, Vice President for Employment and Empowerment at Takamul Company, said that they are working at Qurra Nursery to achieve one of the goals of Vision 2030, by raising the percentage of women’s participation in the labor market, supporting their stability in the labor market, and improving the work environment by providing children’s hospitality centers. Inside the workplace.

Qurra nursery services are not limited to operation only, as they provide comprehensive pre-operational services that include foundational and advisory services such as: estimating the need to establish a children’s hospitality center, choosing the appropriate location within the company, studying the capacity of the headquarters, studying the need in terms of equipment and furnishing, in addition to assistance Issuance of licenses.

Qurra Hospitality for Children is keen to provide a safe and healthy environment for children, applied according to the highest international standards, as the focus in Qurra is on developing the skills, senses, emotional and social intelligence of the child.

In this regard, Takamol confirms that the service of Qurra is one of the rights of the child and the working mother, since the absence of the mother for long hours to perform her job duty should not affect her child from an emotional, educational and educational point of view. All that he needs in terms of care, nutrition, education and control, which is reflected positively on his personality, his involvement in society, and his reception of the educational process at the age of entering school.


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