Taiwan is arming itself electronically to counter Chinese attacks

Taiwan is preparing to take several drastic measures to guard against the millions of cyber-attacks deliberately launched on its devices each month, as China steps up military pressure on the self-ruled island.

For his part, Taiwan’s head of cyber security, Shen Hongwei, said his country is using dramatic measures to guard against technological vulnerabilities, as it has hired nearly two dozen experts on deliberate attacks on government systems, and helped it defend against what Taiwan authorities estimate at about 20 to 40 million cyber attacks every month.

Taiwan says it has been able to defend against the vast majority of attacks, successful breaches number in the hundreds, with only a few that the government classifies as “serious”.

This comes at a time when the Taiwanese government relies on the Internet for its infrastructure, such as gas, water and electricity.

Shen said Taiwan suspects that Chinese-backed hackers were behind at least one major malware attack on Taiwan last year, in which CPC Corporation – a government-owned refiner in Taiwan – which was unable to process electronic payments from Taiwan, was hacked. clients.

Despite accusations leveled by Taiwan, the United States and a number of European countries, that China carried out cyber attacks, Beijing has repeatedly denied, describing it as “unfounded malicious accusations.”


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