Taif Chamber of the City: Discharge of employees for government agencies to support the partnership of the two sectors

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Taif ascribed the discharge of a number of employees to work in other government sectors to the directives of the emirate and the governorate within the framework of partnership between the public and private sectors, stressing that this matter is applicable in all chambers, and this came in response to the city’s inquiries regarding some matters discussed about the room. The room’s public relations officer, Yahya Al-Makhdi, said:
The Chamber’s Board of Directors has worked since taking office to put in place a general structure for the Chamber, which has been officially approved and reviewed and developed every year, and with regard to releasing employees to work in other government sectors such as the governorate, trade and Souk Okaz, Al-Makhdhi said: The discharge of employees for some sectors came based on the Directives from the Emirate of Makkah Al-Mukarramah Region and the Governorate within the framework of the partnership between the public and private sectors and based on the social responsibility that the Chamber performs as a support for these sectors, and about the newly established anti-cover-up office in the Chamber, he said: It was established based on a letter from the Ministry of Commerce and under the supervision of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce With the aim of providing advice and opinion to the owners of money and business to work on correcting the conditions of cover-up, and indicated that the Chamber’s Board of Directors, in cooperation with the Chamber’s General Secretariat, developed a strategic plan to improve the Chamber’s performance, one of its most prominent features is the development of services, human cadres and financial resources, the development of the investment environment and the strengthening of the Chamber’s relationship with the community. This includes defining a detailed career path for each job, developing competencies, raising the efficiency of production at work, expanding the scope of services, raising the number of associates, and facilitating and speeding services. And activating the role of the committees in identifying challenges and enabling entrepreneurs from investment opportunities in the Taif Governorate, and marketing services indirectly.


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