Tahar Rahim as a monster in Netflix’s The Serpent

INTERVIEW – In this hypnothic fiction from the BBC, the comedian who goes to Hollywood plays the French Charles Sobhraj, the murderer of twenty hippies in the 1970s in Asia. Story of a transformation.

Between an actor and a role, it is sometimes fate. A hypnotic collision. This is the case of the Serpent, a fascinating thriller from the BBC and Netflix devoted to the extraordinary stalking of the Frenchman Charles Sobhraj, nicknamed “The Serpent” or the “Bikini Killer” in the Asia of the Seventies. At 16, still a high school student in Belfort, Tahar Rahim discovered in his brother’s room a book retracing the murderous journey of the one who murdered twenty backpackers between Thailand, India and Nepal, what was then called ” the hippie trail ”.

“At that age, I was naive enough to dream of being an actor. I did not realize the extent of the horrors committed. I see a man who changes identities, escapes from prison, who is charming, who gets everything he wants ”, confides to Figaro Tahar Rahim. Against all odds, his wish was granted two decades later by the BBC (in the meantime a similar project led by William Friedkin and Benicio del Toro fell apart). What pleases

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