Tabuk receives the holy month with abundant food stocks for Ramadan goods

Shops and markets in Tabuk are preparing from early on to receive the blessed month of Ramadan, with abundant food and consumer stocks.

Today, during a field tour, the “SPA” lens monitored the availability of Ramadan commodities of various food items, commodities and consumer needs with high quality, with slight variation in their prices from one place to another, in the markets and food stores in Tabuk and the demand of citizens and residents for them, amid a commitment to precautionary and preventive measures.

The Commercial Centers Administration was keen to provide precautionary and preventive services and measures to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, through the safety measures taken by these commercial and supply centers, such as thermometers, and to ensure the existence of an application that we trusted with shoppers, providing sterilizers, masks and gloves for shoppers, and sterilizing vehicles, floors and shelves.

While the control teams of government agencies in the region continue to carry out intensive field trips to commercial establishments and markets, to ensure the continuity of their work in providing services to consumers, the abundance of products, and to verify their commitment to consumer protection regulations and the application of statutory penalties against violators.

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