Swedish actress Gunnel Lindblom, an actress dear to Bergman, dies at the age of 89

DISAPPEARANCE – Spotted by the Swedish master in 1956, she then performed in half a dozen of his masterpieces, including The Seventh Seal (1957) and Scenes of married life (1973).

Gunnel Lindblom died on January 24, and was a figure of culture in Sweden. Born in 1931, into a proletarian family, she took her destiny in hand very early on. A post employee, she enrolled in the drama school of the city of Gothenburg, where she was accepted in 1950. She appears in Love by Gustaf Molander two years later, when she was only 21 years old. Ingmar Bergman put her on the stage in 1954, after hiring her at the Municipal Theater in Malmö. She stayed there until 1959.

Collaboration of a lifetime

Gunnel Lindblom has appeared in six films by the Swedish master: The Seventh Seal (1957), Wild strawberries (1957), Source (1960), The silence (1963), Communicants (1963) and Scenes of married life (1973). Their collaboration does not end there, since Bergman engages him in two films for television and gives him a role in the theater, in his adaptation of Woyzeck by Büchner, in 1969. At his side, she also learned directing, at the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm, which the director directed from 1963 to 1966. Bergman was also not far away when he produced Summer paradise (1977) and Sally and freedom (1981), her first two films as a director. Her husband, Sture Helander, was also Bergman’s doctor.

A giant in Sweden

Gunnel Lindblom also managed to get by without Bergman. Actress, she plays in Brother Carl (1970) by Susan Sontag and is called to appear in Millennium (2009), the first part of the trilogy written by Stieg Larsson. Actress at the Royal Dramatic Theater from 1968, she played main roles in plays by Strindberg or Ibsen. She then staged several pieces, including Uncle Vanya by Chekhov, for this national stage. Behind the camera, she makes films for the national public channel SVT. In Sweden, actors, playwrights and personalities from the world of culture pay tribute to this “strong woman“And”determined to go her own way“.


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