Swede’s talent stems from the physical share

His talent for drawing started from the physical share, to create a place for himself in the art map, influenced by the nature of the Al-Darb governorate, and the mud in many of his paintings. Through his recent artistic painting, the reality of the new life that the Saudi people lived through in light of the Corona pandemic, the leadership role and the sacrifices and championships of health heroes.

Fiction and art

Fine artist Nayef Sweid explained, “Imagination and art for me is a way to formulate and draw events with my vision to see them as happiness because reality does not satisfy us and is not enough for us, adding that his artistic beginnings in school started from the physical, where the artistic class was not activated, and physical education took its place once a week, and in One of the classes the teacher asked us to take out a drawing paper to change the routine of the class. I drew a football field and the teacher praised it. At that time, I discovered that I was good at drawing. Thanks to the teacher, Issa Abu Qarn, the art education teacher, he used to encourage, support and guide me in my beginnings with drawing.

Terracotta color

Sweid pointed out, “Many of my works are influenced by the color of nature in Al-Darb governorate, especially the dark beige color that denotes clay, as well as the influence of embodying the heritage saturated with color and decoration. With a photographic camera, and now on the verge of completion of cubism, and now I am entering the art of abstraction ».


Jeddah Arabian Wings Exhibition

Exhibition (Painting and Poem) Souk Okaz

– Association of Culture and Arts in Jazan

Participation in Riyadh Hands exhibition

– Nominated for the Saudi Contemporary Art Award

Jazan Show

– In the award of Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Qahtani in Jeddah

Islamic Nesma Art

– Nominated for the Diaa Aziz Prize for Portrait Art 2018 and for the Arab Horse 2019

– Okaz market exhibition

Zahidia competition in Taif


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