Suspension and withdrawal of licenses of 97 recruitment offices due to delays

The “Musaned” platform, which specializes in labor recruitment, revealed that 92 offices were suspended, 29 were warned, and 5 licenses were withdrawn due to the slowdown in procedures, delays, and non-compliance with the specified period for the arrival of workers, during the month of November. According to the last statistic issued by the program, and reviewed by Al-Madina, the number of domestic workers coming from Bangladesh first, then India, the Philippines, Uganda and Kenya, topped the list, while more than 80,456 resumes were uploaded, an increase of 21,185 from last month, through 1240 approved Saudi recruitment offices from 28 State and 5884 foreign offices.

The platform revealed that the citizen has the right to experiment with domestic workers for a period of 90 days, and in the event of any problem, the worker is deported, and the cost of recruitment is returned with the deduction of the period of residence of the worker with the citizen, in cases of dispute. The Ministry of Human Resources had launched the “Maaroufa” service with the aim of facilitating and regulating the procedures for recruiting domestic workers and providing a high-level service to citizens and residents. The name of the worker by the citizen. This service can be benefited from by obtaining a worker’s visa, and writing down the worker’s information, which includes the “name, passport number, and the worker’s contact number.”

This service has been linked to the best licensed recruitment offices to receive and process applications. The platform confirmed its continuation of its work on developing the recruitment market, providing multiple services, resolving complaints and disputes that may occur between contracting parties, in addition to guaranteeing their rights, and liquidating its financial guarantee to return rights to their owners. Various methods are used to reduce the late arrival of labor, including a fine for each day of delay.


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