Suspending 110 recruitment offices and restoring the rights of 1105 citizens

The number of suspended recruitment offices increased from 90 to 110 violating offices at the end of this month, while the licenses of more than 43 offices were withdrawn, 64 others were warned, and the rights of 1,105 affected citizens were restored.

According to the latest statistics issued by the program and reviewed by Al-Madina, the number of domestic workers coming from the Philippines, then Bangladesh, Uganda, India and Kenya came to the fore, while more than 59,271 resumes were uploaded through 1,300 accredited Saudi recruitment offices from 28 countries. The Musaned platform specialized in recruitment revealed Employment stated that the citizen has the right to try the domestic worker for a period of 90 days, and in the event of any problem, the worker is deported. Residence of the worker with the citizen in cases of dispute. The Musaned platform confirmed its continuation of its work on developing the recruitment market, providing multiple services, resolving complaints and disputes that may occur between contracting parties, in addition to ensuring their rights. The Musaned platform issued 4 decisions to withdraw the licenses of 4 violating recruitment offices, and liquidate their financial guarantee to return the rights to their owners, after their failure to address complaints received on the platform through the complaints management system. It also warned 64 other recruitment offices and gave them a week to correct their situation regarding customer complaints. The Ministry of Human Resources has recently expanded its recruitment to meet the local need, and has set various controls to reduce the delay in the arrival of workers.

Recruitment services

Suspension of 110 recruitment offices.

Withdrawing the licenses of 43 offices.

64 office alarm

Restoring rights to 1,105 citizens

– 59,271 CVs uploaded

-1300 accredited Saudi recruitment office

Most of the countries recruited from

– The Philippines





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