Surgery for a woman who fixed her hair with wood glue

After the American TikTok star, Tesika Brown, suffered for a month from freezing of her hair due to the use of “gorilla glue” adhesive on her scalp, as she was no longer able to wash it, coordinate or even cut it, a medical team today led by plastic surgeon Michael Obing managed to get rid of the glue Water resistance in a 4-hour process, according to «TMZ»

The beginning of suffering

Tessica Brown appeared in a state of collapse in a video she posted on her TikTok account, explaining that she used gorilla glue, as a result of her hairspray had run out, indicating that the result was very bad, as her hair dried completely.

The girl said in the video clip that she posted on his TikTok account: “Look at what my hair has become. It has become so solid that I wipe it and it does not move at all. This is the ordeal that I live in these times.”

She explained that her hair has remained in this condition about a month ago, and that she is still waiting for a solution other than trying to remove the glue using coconut oil and tea tree oil.

22 hours in emergency

Then Tesika resorted to a medical center, where she spent 22 hours in the emergency room, and doctors used acetone to remove the glue, but the attempt was unsuccessful, and it caused her scalp.

Then she visited a beauty salon, only succeeding in snipping the braid in an attempt to allow air to seep into her scalp.


Tesika had to resort to seeking help via social media to address the problem, so she was able to raise more than $ 15,000 before her surgery.

And the glue manufacturer “Gorilla Glow” posted on “Twitter” a comment in which it expressed its regret over the “unwanted accident”, and expressed its happiness that Tesika sought medical advice.

The 4 hour operation

Brown flew to Los Angeles early last week to prepare for the operation led by Michael Obing that removed the glue, in a four-hour process in which he used to remove the glue as a medical adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil and acetone.


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