Super League: Fifa, at the bedside of European football, shows the door to dissidents

Gianni Infantino and FIFA at the bedside of UEFA and its president Aleksander Ceferin, with whom the differences were however numerous… The deep crisis which hit Europe of the round ball gave birth Tuesday morning of a striking image, symbol of trauma caused by the split of twelve major clubs, including Real Madrid, Liverpool or Juventus Turin, in order to create their own competition, a lucrative event almost closed to other clubs on the continent.

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Meeting in congress in Montreux (Switzerland), the representatives of the 55 member associations of the European football body heard the boss of world football firmly reaffirm FIFA’s opposition to this project, ” closed club “,” dissident from existing institutions »And a direct competitor of the Champions League, UEFA’s flagship event since 1955.

Either you are inside or you are outside. You can’t be half in and half out “, He added, once again waving, in unison with UEFA, the threat of the exclusion of dissident clubs and their players from all national and international competitions … without however citing concrete measures or of delay. ” Promotions and relegations are a model that has been successful “, Continued Gianni Infantino, opposing this almost closed league system, where the founding clubs would have their ticket guaranteed each season, instead of having to qualify through their national championships.

Infantino’s speech at the UEFA congress was particularly awaited by European football, which will need Fifa to implement the reprisals he intends to inflict on secessionist clubs, such as the one, legally discussed, to ban their players in international competitions with their selections, such as the Euro or the World Cup.


Hostilities have been open since Monday, April 19 between UEFA, its president Aleksander Ceferin, and the twelve rebel clubs, qualified by the Slovenian as “ snakes »Guided« by greed “. The leader nevertheless opened the door to a reconciliation by assuring the owners of the clubs concerned that he was ” still time to change your mind “.

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But for now, the situation seems inextricable. Will the mutinous clubs still be in contention in their respective competitions between now and the semi-finals of the Champions League, whose first legs are scheduled for next week and concern three of the slingers (Real, Chelsea, Manchester City)?

The Danish Jesper Moller, member of the UEFA executive committee, said he expected the exclusion of mutinous clubs on Friday 23 April during a meeting of this decision-making body. But the all-powerful boss of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, chosen to be the new president of the structure “European Super League”, assured not to believe it. ” I don’t want to detail the legal grounds, but it won’t happen, it’s impossible “, Judged the septuagenarian in the Spanish television program” El Chiringuito “.

Super League: Fifa, at the bedside of European football, shows the door to dissidents

According to Antoine Duval, specialist in European sports law at the Asser Institute in The Hague, such an exclusion “ would expose UEFA to actions for damages by the channels holding the TV rights “.


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