Suhair Al-Fahd: I started with Captain Majid and became famous for Bedouin works

Jordanian actress Suhair Al-Fahd was not close to the people of the desert, but she mastered this role and became famous for her mastery of the Bedouin dialect, which had a positive impact on her distinction in these works, and she confirmed in an interview with Al-Watan that she will return to the visual theater screen after a long absence, in The Migrant Lives series, and rehearsals for the Kanfa play, where the Arab screen witnessed a long break for actress Suhair from the Bedouin series, and the art scene in general, explaining, “In reality, I did not stop, but our works are shown only on limited screens in the Arab world, so the observer thinks that we are stopped, This is an anecdote related to production and marketing in Jordan, because the Jordanian product is almost non-existent. We work with one or two products at most, and they have production plans related to marketing their business, which is not easy, so you find them limiting the continuous work.”

dialect mastery

Al-Fahd was distinguished by participating in Bedouin series, village and social works, which made many believe that she was close to people from the desert, but she made it clear that she was not actually one of the actresses close to the desert, but with continuous training to master their dialect and behavior, she was able to work easily.

She indicated that she began her artistic life since childhood, and was known for her performance of the voice of the character (Majed) in the famous cartoon series Captain Majid, explaining that it was a fun and beautiful stage in her life, adding, “I naturally love cartoon works, and when I had the opportunity to work in it, I was full of enthusiasm and I was I present the voice of the character with love and sincerity, and it is beautiful that the resonance of these works is still up to this moment among the audience.”

She revealed that she considers her participation in any work as an artistic or dramatic addition to her life, and every work is considered a new shift.

Among the most prominent series in which she participated are “Shams Al-Ghayeb, Remains of Ashes, Women from the Badia, Sahel Al-Asayel, Tears of the Moon, My Soul’s Twin.”

theater world

About her presentation of nearly 60 theatrical works between serious, comedic, tragic, comedic and child theater, she described this experience that did not complete the journey, saying, “Theater is a world unlike other worlds in the arts, although I have moved away from it for a long time, but I return to it now with a new theatrical work, and I hope To achieve something different from what I did before with a different understanding.”

On the other hand, she indicated that she believes that cinematic works in Jordan need to develop to a level beyond short films, noting, “We definitely pass through the cinema door for everything that is beautiful and important.”

Cheetah Awards

The Jordanian artist confirmed that she is proud of winning the Best Actress Award (Critics) for a role in the wedding play at the Jordanian Theater Festival, the Best Actress Award for a role in the Oriental Honor movie at the Jordan Film Festival, and the Best Actress award in a foundling film at the Tetouan Festival.

Jordanian Actress / Suhair Al-Fahad

Born: 1965, Amman, Jordan

She holds a diploma in Arabic language

Sister of actress Rania Fahd

She started her artistic journey since she was a child

In her youth, she joined (Children’s Choir) on Jordanian Radio 1978

As for her professional career, she started in 1983, and she practices her artistic hobby while studying

1990: Famous for performing the voice of the cartoon character Captain Majid

She has a number of TV works, such as artwork

She has over 60 plays

She participated in the Syrian drama


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