Successful technological innovation and corporate ethical commitment

Driven by continuous developments in the field of scientific knowledge, and human aspirations that know no bounds, technology has emerged as the greatest achievement made by the human mind so far, through its impact in all areas of life in our time.

The emergence of modern technologies that reshaped the features of our lives and our future, such as artificial intelligence, innovative technological devices, Internet services, communication solutions and technologies, were not only a product of the power and potential of technology, which provided multiple and wide-ranging benefits that contributed to improving societies around the world.

Samsung's latest innovations

In addition to its impact on the way we interact, learn and think as individuals, technology has ushered in a new era of progress and prosperity, across many fields such as automotive, computing, communications, education, healthcare, transportation, engineering and retail, during an era when all possibilities seem open and endless.

The electronic centralization of patient records has provided higher levels of efficiency for healthcare organizations, contactless payments to consumers have provided more convenience and satisfaction, and the deployment of 5G technology continues to radically transform the ways people conduct their lives, businesses, or favorite games.

The unprecedented collective technological revolution that the world has witnessed during the past two decades is still witnessing more developments that will take us to more innovations.

Indeed, every sector and industry contributes significantly to the spectrum of technological transformation that we are now witnessing, as is the case with every company operating across sectors.

There are technically leading brands pushing the boundaries of innovation in their respective fields, and by harnessing their creativity, vast experience and reliable resources, they meet the aspirations and expectations of their customers and provide them with new value.

Living in such an era, in which technological capabilities and capabilities contribute greatly to enhancing societal development and individual happiness, is something that deserves to be appreciated and praised.

However, the responsibility also rests with these brands, to ensure responsible and ethical use of available technology.

The goal behind this is not limited to managing public perceptions, building credibility for the brand, or ensuring a sustainable future, but also to ensure that what is required to enhance individual and societal prosperity, while working at the same time to serve the overall goals that support the company’s mission and enhance its closeness with its customers. .

Although technology is a fundamental pillar and gateway to a better, more comfortable and efficient life, the ongoing debate about the inherent risks and negative repercussions can always remain inherent in the advantages and positives offered by modern technologies.

This can be seen through the many tech brands that are successful in their businesses and products and are widely accepted for their ethical values ​​by other companies and customers alike.

Tesla is a prime example of companies striving to provide pioneering technological innovation while adhering to ethical business practices and responsibilities.

Since 2019, all new Tesla cars can automatically steering, accelerate and apply the brakes inside the tracks.

However, this feature still requires awareness and attention on the part of the driver, as Tesla stresses that he must remain at the wheel permanently, alert and capable of manual control at any moment, and thus the company maintains its commitment to customer responsibility, as a leading brand modern techniques.

Another example is the global brand Relax Technology, whose Guardian Program harnesses technology to promote responsible use. The company works closely with its partners to address the risks associated with the potential for underage people using such products.

The company is taking advantage of the latest technology, including “GPS” data and cloud technology, to enhance its procedures.

In addition to its advanced efforts and innovations, the company is currently developing a tracking system that connects customers, product bar codes and store locations, to be able to track the product to its point of sale to enhance the efficiency of its program.

Given the addictive nature imposed by smartphones and tablets, Apple has also taken similar measures in recent years, to use technology as a force for good, and unveiled digital tools to enhance the quality of life of its users by helping them reduce the amount of time they spend on Constant interaction with their screens.

The “Screen Time” application acts as a dashboard to clarify the amount of time users spend using the applications.

Daily time limits can be set for individual apps to reduce heavy usage, while parents can access their children’s activity reports to control browsing habits.

In the end, it must be said that the increasing use of technology effectively in our daily life has led to discussions and a lot of controversy about how to manage and control new technologies, whether it is artificial intelligence, fifth generation, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of things, robots or any thing else.

Although these discussions continue, they should not prevent tech brands from taking the lead and assuming their responsibilities in the process of developing their technological innovations.

All brands have a great responsibility towards consumers through using technology ethically, and they must continue to adhere to this responsibility and express it as such.

* Director of External Affairs for the company «Relax Technology» in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe

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