Study funding challenges, demand rates, and resolve disputes

The Future of Real Estate Forum in Riyadh, during the period from 22 to 24 February 2022, will discuss the challenges of financing, demand rates, urban development, and the mechanism for resolving real estate disputes.

The forum also includes workshops, the most prominent of which are real estate auctions and their impact on the sector, localization and challenges, financing small and medium-sized real estate enterprises, real estate digitization, tendencies and the mechanism of real estate arbitration, real estate marketing, the tourism fund and its impact on the sector.

The forum deals with 10 main axes, most notably the laws and legislations during the next stage in the real estate sector and their impact on flexibility and dynamism, and the results of the in-depth study of the sector and the numbers related to rates of demand for rent and ownership. It includes many areas that facilitate the movement and living of the population.

It deals with the study of some international experiences in the use of sustainable technologies that reduce air polluting emissions and encourage the use of clean energy. In the fourth axis, the focus will be on the attractiveness and effectiveness of real estate investment, while the fifth axis will address the interest in raising the level of quality and safety in construction technology.

The implementation of quality of life standards in real estate development will be the sixth axis of the forum. The seventh axis is concerned with the role of finance in strengthening the real estate market, by discussing decisions and regulations of mortgage and real estate financing and their relationship to purchasing power. It will also discuss the relationship of financing with foreign investments. The eighth axis will focus on artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and big data in the real estate sector.

The ninth axis deals with human capabilities and their qualification in the real estate sector and the mechanism for investors to enter the training sector. As for social responsibility in the real estate market, it will be the tenth axis, which mentions the most important contributions and initiatives that have a positive impact on the development of the life of the individual and society through the construction of developmental housing, and the adoption of cases through platforms and cooperative housing.

The forum, which is sponsored by Majid Al-Hogail, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, will witness the presence of a number of the most important speakers and experts in the field of real estate, including them. Abdullah Al-Badir, Deputy Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, Ihsan bin Abbas Bafaqih, Governor of the General Authority for State Real Estate, and Dr. Rumaih Al-Rumaih, President of the Public Transport Authority, and Dr. Fahad Al-Tukhifi, member of the Shura Council and Chairman of the Trade and Investment Committee, and David Grover, CEO of Roshen Group.

  • 10 files on the forum table
  • An in-depth study of supply and demand
  • 230 thousand housing and financing products this year
  • Financing 1.2 million units in 10 years
  • 35 billion riyals in support of loans
  • Assessment of financing and mortgage controls


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