Stress and frustration is one of the causes of sudden forgetfulness

While forgetfulness puts many people in embarrassing situations, many people find themselves unable to bring up a name, word or number, knowing that they use the same correct way dozens of times, but for some reason we do not remember it, neuroscientist Mahdi Hammami revealed that in this case it is considered Relaxation is the only solution because it helps to get rid of the frustration that afflicted us because of the situation. What many do not know is that distress may make the name, for example, depend on the tip of your tongue, which confuses the memory, but confidence and avoiding self-blame direct the person quickly to remember.

Temporary loss

He added that there are other more common causes, including anxiety, stress and lack of sleep, which would gradually weaken memory, and taking some medications also makes us forget as one of its pharmacological complications. Psychologist Reham Al-Ahmari stated that the temporary loss of memory, or what is known as forgetfulness, is the inability to remember information, skills, and experiences that an individual has gone through, and it is a natural condition that occurs to all human beings, but it becomes a pathological condition when the individual is exposed to Alzheimer’s disease, emotional shock or injury Brain, and there is a certain natural amount of forgetfulness that every individual is exposed to, especially in forgetting old events, but if the memory is lost to very close events, this means that there is a defect that has occurred in the memory cells that are located in the temporal hemisphere of the brain, as they are responsible for recording all events And storage, and has the ability to retrieve it when needed.

Sudden forgetfulness

She indicated, “Many young and middle-aged people have suffered from sudden and continuous forgetfulness, such as forgetting names, important dates and people, and this pathology is due to several reasons. Many psychologists have proven that stress, anxiety and lack of sleep cause forgetfulness to varying degrees, in addition to not Sleep enough hours.

Complications of medication cause forgetfulness

Some types of antihistamines

Some types of antidepressants

Urinary incontinence medications

Cancer treatments

Heartburn medications


The most common causes of forgetfulness

Not eating healthy foods

Anxiety, tension and stress

Take some medications

– Lack of sleep

– Depression

Vitamin 12 deficiency


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