Stopping imports of 14 car companies for non-compliance with the fuel economy plan

The Ministry of Commerce suspended imports of 14 car companies for not adhering to the fuel economy plan, and indicated to stop the procedures for clearing vehicles coming from companies that did not submit their supply plan for the current year 2020, for the Saudi standard for fuel economy for light vehicles, after monitoring 14 companies that did not adhere to the supply plan For new vehicles whose weight does not exceed 3.5 tons out of 96 companies … This comes in order to protect the consumer and adhere to the application of the Saudi standard specifications in this context ..

The fuel economy card aims to educate the consumer about energy efficiency in light vehicles, which are vehicles with a total weight of less than 3500 kg. The energy efficiency of vehicles is measured through the fuel economy scale .. The fuel economy represents the mileage in kilometers per liter of spent fuel (km / liter) And the reduction in fuel subsidies since 2016 has led to a remarkable development in fuel use efficiency and rationalization of consumption by at least 6%, and it is known that the Kingdom includes more than 12 million cars, and the volume of imported cars last year reached more than 600,000 cars, compared to 440,000 in the previous year. For him, the annual market size is 35 billion riyals.

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