Steven Soderbergh is preparing a “philosophical sequel” to his film Contagion

Inspired by the coronavirus, the Oscar-winning director wishes to explore “in a different context»The themes of his film released in 2011.

Surprise success of the year 2020, nine years after its release, the film Contagion will have a “philosophical suite“, According to its director Steven Soderbergh. In an hour-long interview given to the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the filmmaker returned to this complicated period but also his future projects with Scott Burn, the screenwriter of Contagion. “It is a kind of philosophical continuation of Contagion, but in a different context, explained Steven Soderbergh. With Scott Burn, we wondered what was the next iteration of a story like that of Contagion. We are working on it. We should probably speed up a bit.

Released in 2011, Contagion took advantage of the general concern at the start of the year to gain popularity. The film reached the iTunes top 10 in January and hit the top illegal downloads in March after it disappeared from the Netflix catalog. The film follows what happens when a deadly virus of Chinese origin spreads around the world and leads to chaos as epidemiologists rush to find a vaccine. What seemed fictional in 2011 turned into a surreal painting nine years later. Something to feed the imagination of Steven Soderbergh.

In the meantime, the director will be at the head of the 2021 Oscars ceremony. This 93rd edition will take place on April 25 and will be open exceptionally to films released directly on the platforms. But it is not yet clear whether the ceremony will be virtual or if it will take place in public.


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