“stc”… the best in enabling digitization and developing corporate social responsibility

Kuwait Telecom Company (stc) has won two awards for “Best Company in Enabling Digital Transformation among ICT Institutions” and “Best Company in Community Development in the Field of Corporate Social Responsibility” from International Finance (IFM) magazine, which specializes in the sector. Finance, which highlights industry talent, leadership skills and industry news on its international platform, during the awards ceremony in Dubai.

The company won the two awards after careful study and extensive review by the qualified research team of IFM, in recognition of the excellence of its comprehensive social responsibility program, and innovative digital services and solutions provided by “solutions by stc”, its specialized arm in the business sector for companies and institutions in the government and private sectors.

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Dana Al Jassim, Director General of Corporate Communications at stc, received the two awards in the presence of the Consul General of Kuwait in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Ali Al Dhaidi.

The CEO of stc, Eng. Mazyad Al-Harbi, expressed his happiness at receiving two distinguished awards from the prestigious IFM, in recognition of the company’s advanced and comprehensive corporate social responsibility program, and for its role in enhancing its capabilities in enabling digital transformation in the field of information and communication technology, as one of the pillars. basic to its strategy.

He said that these awards reflect the hard work made by the company’s team across various operational sectors, in order to achieve standards of excellence recognized at the local, regional and international levels.

Al-Harbi added that throughout the year 2022, stc was able to grow its business in various fields, enhance the range of its offerings to individual and corporate customers, and focused on community participation in creative and influential ways to support it, whether by launching initiatives that focus on spreading awareness, or by supporting one of The basic pillars of a corporate social responsibility program, or empowering community members to play a positive role.

He continued, “Our achievements in 2022 enabled us to lead the local telecommunications sector in terms of market share of revenues, as this outstanding achievement would not have been possible without the support of various stakeholders.

Al-Harbi revealed that, as a leading provider of communications and digital solutions, stc offers a variety of innovative offerings that include advanced integrated communications and technical solutions.

He stated that by providing services for data communications, information technology, the Internet of things, and enterprise solutions to support the infrastructure, the specialized business arm “solutions by stc” has grown to become the first destination for communication solutions and ensuring business continuity for companies and government agencies.

Al-Harbi affirmed the company’s strong belief in the importance of supporting small and medium-sized companies, given their impact on the economy, indicating that they provide innovative solutions and will continue to explore them to support this special segment and enable business owners to manage their operations efficiently and effectively.

He pointed out that stc’s future plans focus on market leadership and primacy by providing an effective model based on digital platforms, as it seeks to enter into strategic partnerships in the field of information and communication technology and digital services, and to search for more smart investments in light of the existing challenges in the market.

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Al-Harbi stated that “solutions by stc” continued to enhance the range of its offerings and digital solutions for the business sector, institutions and government agencies, noting that it applies innovative solutions aimed at enhancing and supporting customers in developing their businesses efficiently, and uses a variety of digital transformation technologies to reshape how companies operate and strengthen the economy. and improve quality of life.

He pointed out that this strategic approach comes in line with Kuwait’s Vision 2035, in which digital transformation was identified as a basic pillar and incentive in building smart cities and technologies to develop the local economy.

Al-Harbi stated that, in line with the company’s social responsibility framework and its continuous commitment to supporting the local community, stc has implemented its comprehensive program taking into account its main pillars that it focuses on, including health, sports, education, entrepreneurship and the environment, and through its various initiatives, spreading awareness about important topics and issues that have affected community, while participating in a variety of activities that support different causes, as well as collaborating with government agencies, non-profit organizations, small and medium enterprises, and companies in the private sector.

Al-Harbi thanked the “IFM” team for awarding “stc” two prestigious awards in recognition of the strategic approach that the company applied throughout the year, to achieve the goals included in the framework of its corporate strategy, and all employees of “stc” and “solutions by stc” for their hard work to plan and implement various initiatives. .

This award is in addition to the many local, regional and international awards won by “stc”, including the award for “Best 5G Network Infrastructure” in the Middle East, and the award for “Best M2M Technology Solution Provider” in Kuwait for the year 2021, and “ Best Telecom Company in Corporate Governance in Kuwait for the year 2021 from IFM, the award for Best Telecom Services Provider in Kuwait 2022, the award for “Most Innovative Telecom Company in Digital Transformation in Kuwait 2022” from the International Economic Magazine, and the award for Best Leading Company in Investor Relations during the annual conference of the Middle East Investor Relations Association.

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