stc sponsors “Renew your activity in Al Hamra”

The Kuwaiti Telecom Company “stc” sponsors the campaigns “Your Steps = Free Internet” and “Renew your activity in Al Hamra” until April 21, as part of its social responsibility framework, which focuses on supporting social issues through constructive initiatives.

The company, as the main sponsor of the events, will distribute prizes to the winners of the “Your Steps = Free Internet” competition, the daily challenge for participants to reach 5000 steps, which is held for 3 weeks.

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stc indicated that when the participants reach their goals, their achievement will be calculated using the Warba Bank “Fayez” application, provided that it contributes free subscriptions to internet services for more than 100 needy families.

The initiative, which was organized in partnership with the Trahum Volunteer Team, will provide the participants with an opportunity to share their contributions and giving with the community, through a humanitarian gesture that embodies the spirit of Ramadan, supports the needy and encourages the participants to take care of their physical health.

stc’s participation in the event also stems from its vision to inculcate the spirit of social responsibility and promote the values ​​and principles of the month of Ramadan among individuals, especially the younger generation, to adopt the values ​​behind humanitarian initiatives.

stc will organize weekly interactive competitions that include questions and competitions for participants and visitors with many prizes in the walking competition, whereby the “COFE” application will distribute vouchers and gifts to the winners and participants.

Maysam Qassem will participate in this event by hosting a drawing class in the children’s corner, which represents a major element in stc’s agenda for this month, as the company aims to become a source of inspiration and encourage young people to actively participate in sports fitness activities to change their lifestyles and consolidate The true values ​​and principles of the month of Ramadan in them.

This comes at a time when the “Renew your activity in Al-Hamra” challenge continues for two weeks in the external area on the third floor, and includes a number of fitness activities organized by the “Forma Fitness Gym”, where one winner will be announced each day to receive a valuable prize from “stc”, so that Those interested can participate in fitness challenges by registering through the “Lets Burn” app.

Dana Al-Jassem, General Manager of Corporate Communications at stc, said that the company constantly supports targeted initiatives that push individuals of all ages to do better by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

She added that these initiatives also tend to promote teamwork, which is a key feature associated with increasing productivity in the workplace, while fitness challenges in Al Hamra are in line with the framework of the corporate social responsibility in this holy month, which is based on promoting health awareness and an active lifestyle, and encouraging young people to Instilling human values ​​within their community, and supporting the community through a humanitarian initiative that embodies the spirit of giving in Ramadan and supports an important cause, indicating that the company’s goal is to bring together members of the community to participate in a fun and healthy initiative for the sake of a humanitarian initiative.

Al-Jassem added that the “Your Steps = Free Internet” initiative, which is dedicated to supporting families in need, is in line with the company’s social responsibility framework, so that the month of Ramadan represents an opportunity to recall the importance of consolidating the values ​​of tolerance, giving and mercy among the various segments of society and supporting them, hoping that the company will leave an impression through this initiative. Always among the participants touches their values ​​and principles beyond the holy month.

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