stc reviewed its vision in LEAP

stc participated in the “LEAP” conference hosted by Saudi Arabia from February 1 to 3 in Riyadh, under the slogan “Eye on the Future”, pointing out that it is the largest technical event in the world, and that it constitutes a forum for the global technology community to discuss the most prominent social challenges and culture facing the world.

The CEO of “stc”, Engineer Mazyad Al-Harbi, attended the “LEAP” activities, in a step that indicated the importance of this conference in order to discover and attract the best leading technology companies and inspiring pioneers in global startups.

Faisal Al-Haroun

stc is considered one of the main players in the regional and global scene of the telecommunications industry, due to its rich set of cloud, digital and electronic solutions, as well as its contributions in the field of information technology at the level of individuals and companies in order to enrich the customer experience and enhance their business.

The conference hosted experts of future technologies and promising distinguished technologies from all over the world, with the participation of more than 350 expert speakers across 6 conferences, from health technology to artificial intelligence, to provide expert insights and advanced content, along with giants of the technology sector from around the world, attracting More than 700 technology startups to bring their innovative solutions to the world through it.

The conference addressed the digital economy, the Internet of things, biological and health technologies, quantitative sciences, intelligent exploration, unmanned systems, and others, and the most important problems that technology can contribute to solving.

The experts unanimously agreed that whatever problems the world faces, whether poverty, disease, environmental disaster, pollution or the inability to produce, technology can be the key to the solution to many of these issues.

The conference touched on ways to develop future cities to achieve the well-being and healthy life of citizens, purify the air from pollution and others, how to re-imagine the way of travel and how to speed up transportation, opportunities to re-imagine how to feed people and preserve the health of bodies from chemicals and industrial materials, and ways to support innovations that It can lead to a revolution in the medical and health field, improving the way people live, work and even play or spend their leisure time.

The conference witnessed the launch of “stc” initiative to establish a main digital center “MENA Hub” for the Middle East and North Africa, in cooperation with regional and international partners, which will connect 3 continents.

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