stc receives returnees with special gifts

The Kuwait Telecommunications Company “stc” received the returnees through Kuwait International Airport through the “T1” and “T4” gates, by distributing welcome gifts to the returnees to the homeland, in partnership with Al-Qabas newspaper.

This initiative falls within the framework of stc’s commitment to support the government in the face of Corona, after the cabinet’s decision to allow entry to Kuwait for restaurants from outside the country, in light of easing restrictions and increasing the number of vaccines being administered.

Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani

As part of its intensive corporate social responsibility strategy, the company launched a series of initiatives and services to help customers overcome the challenges they face in light of the unexpected circumstances the country is going through.

This step comes as a continuation of the steps it has taken since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in order to support society, as it has made an active presence of influencers on social media.

And “stc” explained that, given the current conditions that countries around the world are going through due to the epidemic, and the in-depth understanding of the needs of our customers, it will continue to introduce and design new concepts that meet the needs of the market and society, pointing out that, in conjunction with the opening of the airport again, it saw the importance of this initiative in providing Contact between returning foreign travelers with loved ones.

stc added that it is proud of its ability to benefit from its diverse resources to contribute to supporting those affected by the repercussions of the epidemic, and promised to continue its efforts to activate its dynamic strategy in the field of corporate social responsibility across various social, environmental and health aspects.

She emphasized that she believes that by supporting the government and companies within the private sector, the risks and uncertainty that this virus has created within society can be mitigated.

This comes at a time when the company cooperated with various entities to provide support to a number of groups and sectors across Kuwait, including health, sports, education and entrepreneurship, and worked alongside some government agencies and medical companies to prevent infectious diseases, and to take many precautions and measures. Preventive measures in accordance with health guidelines and instructions issued by the Ministry of Health.

stc’s various departments have worked to change their operating systems in line with the visions of achieving business and service continuity, and promoting digital transformation in Kuwait, in light of the current epidemic, based on the strong coverage of its fifth generation networks.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the company has set its sights on launching various initiatives and projects, with the aim of supporting government decisions and the strenuous efforts made by all official authorities in order to overcome the current obstacle.

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