stc raises awareness of prostate cancer

The Kuwaiti Telecom Company (stc) launched its awareness initiative regarding prostate cancer under the umbrella of the “Because We Care” initiative, which includes organizing a number of events and sports activities to promote a healthy life.

On the occasion of the International Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, the international initiative organized in November of each year, the company launched an awareness campaign with Dr. Omar Al-Hunaidi through social media, which included a number of awareness videos and valuable information related to ways to prevent prostate cancer.

Ghalia Abdul Ghafoor

The company published on its platforms a number of videos that included sports and physical activities that men should do, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle, whether at work or outside, in cooperation with the coach and nutrition expert, Captain Ali Hussein.

The company stated that this initiative comes within the framework of the social responsibility program that it adopts, and in order to raise the level of awareness of this disease among members of society, and to stress the importance of periodic examination for early detection of prostate cancer, pointing out that the examination at present has become much simpler than it used to be. In the past, it could be detected through a simple blood test.

For her part, Director General of Corporate Communications Department at stc, Dana Faisal Al-Jassem, confirmed that she will continue her activities until the end of November, with the aim of publishing prostate cancer awareness tips on her social media sites, as a continuation of her continuous efforts to enhance her awareness role in various health fields. .

She indicated that stc pays attention to combating cancer in general, by launching awareness campaigns through its various social media channels, in line with its well-established policy to promote health and its humanitarian duties towards society, and to encourage members of society to take tests during the month of November, as it coincides with With the Global Prostate Cancer Awareness Initiative, as well as providing the necessary support for awareness, and stressing the need for early detection to prevent it.

Al-Jassem added, “In addition to the objectives related to raising awareness in this regard, (stc) always seeks to organize such events, to enhance its role in supporting the health sector, along with other sectors such as educational and environmental, and supporting initiators through many contributions.”

She stated that stc will spare no effort to continue its health initiatives and social responsibility activities through its various awareness campaigns, in cooperation with various institutions, to achieve more awareness for the benefit of Kuwaiti society.

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