“Stc” presented its solutions at a virtual cybersecurity symposium at “GUST”

Kuwait Telecom Company “stc” participated in the discussion session held by the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST), on information security, within the framework of the “Brilliant Minds” program under the title (Be Online Safely), through a live session on the university’s official Instagram account. In the presence of its students and a large number of followers of the platform.

The General Director of Cybersecurity at “stc”, Engineer Issa Al-Sweit, simplified the concepts behind cybersecurity for the public, reviewing ways to address the cyber risks and challenges that individuals and companies may face in Kuwait.

The session presented by Al-Suwait focused on familiarizing the audience with the different types of common attacks occurring in the digital world today, the local and global overview on the topic, in addition to the tips and recommendations that must be taken into account when using devices connected to the Internet.

Al-Sweit discussed some tools available on the Internet designed to protect information and its confidentiality, and provided precautionary advice to avoid unauthorized access.

He explained that, unlike individual users, companies require advanced methods of protection and continuous monitoring to maintain high levels of security, reviewing some of the innovative methods and systems provided by “stc” solutions, to protect customers from cyber attacks, and the methods that hackers may use to penetrate the firewalls of companies and private accounts.

For his part, the CEO of stc’s technology sector, Engineer Fahad Al-Ali, said that cyber security attacks are multiplying at a rapid pace and targeting users through malicious programs, social sites and extortion attacks.

He added that with the increasing demand for online services, the user enters private and confidential information through the Internet platforms daily.

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