stc obtains the “PCI DSS” data security standard certificate

Kuwait Telecom Company (stc) announced that it has obtained the Security Standard Certificate of Version 3.2.1, after achieving the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

In a press release, stc indicated that in order to obtain the PCI-DSS certificate, the company underwent a comprehensive and accurate audit review of the current operations that involve the business of securing current customer data, as it demonstrated its effective compliance with technical and operational requirements, especially since its strategy It is based on the continuous protection of customer data.

stc added: “This achievement reflects the tireless and continuous efforts made by the company’s team to protect customers, and is a benchmark that will reinforce its ongoing commitment to providing its customers with leading solutions, backed by a secure online payment gateway, and protected against cyber threats and privacy data breaches.”

The company pointed out that the “PCI-DSS” certification includes one of the most stringent and comprehensive standards in the global online payment security industry, as companies and sellers listed under the “PCI-DSS” standard are obligated to comply with a set of basic requirements issued by the Security Standards Board. PCI to ensure cardholder data is protected and help prevent credit card fraud.

The company stated that with this step, it will be more equipped and more protected against cyber violations, with a competitive advantage in security practices followed globally, especially in light of the risks that result from a data breach, not only in terms of financial losses only, but also because of the damage it represents to the brand. Commercial and reputable institutions that deal with online payments.

stc stressed: “The guarantee of protecting sensitive customer data from potential cyber attacks cannot be taken lightly, especially in light of what is happening in the world of frequent attacks, which leads to the disclosure of sensitive information due to the lack of data protection.”

Commenting on this achievement, Eng. Fahd Abdulrahman Al-Ali, chief technology officer of stc, said: “This certificate is a tribute to the company’s diligent and effective strategy in the field of cybersecurity and regarding creating and maintaining a reliable and secure payment environment for its customers.”

He added: “On behalf of the (stc) cybersecurity team, I congratulate the company’s team on achieving this achievement and the success in obtaining the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS 3.2.1) for (CDE) in Kuwait.

Given the unprecedented situation that we are witnessing in light of the current epidemic, I would like to emphasize that this achievement would not have been achieved without the high level of commitment that the (stc) management was keen on, which enabled the project team to effectively and efficiently apply the sum of their knowledge and expertise that led to this success. ».

Al Ali continued: “Compliance with (PCI-DSS) is essential for entities that wish to protect their customers’ payment card data in order to support confidence in securely executing online transactions.

The prerequisites for certification improve data security, which in turn helps maintain customer loyalty and provides peace of mind for all stakeholders.”

Al-Ali affirmed stc’s belief in the importance of investing in a strong cybersecurity infrastructure, which contributes to weakening electronic attacks, and helps maintain the security of their data and protect it from potential threats.

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