Stc national holidays

Kuwait Telecom Company (stc) celebrated the national holidays in Kuwait by launching a broad and targeted national campaign, which sheds light on the pioneering and influential Kuwaiti talents in the Kuwaiti society.

The company pointed out in a statement that it launched its creative TV advertisement “Azhallha”, under the umbrella of an integrated national campaign through social media platforms and in the regions of Kuwait, in addition to its internal campaign directed at employees and the work team.

She stated that the word “Azzaha”, the accepted term, expresses her message to the Kuwaiti people that “good news, and that the Kuwaiti depends on him, and aims to express her firm feeling of patriotism. It also sheds light on the Kuwaiti talents who devoted their time and effort to positive influence in society.”

The company affirmed its endeavor to spread joy and joy in the hearts of the people of Kuwait, even if this year’s celebration is different from other years, indicating that, in order to achieve joy and impart the spirit of national holidays, it launched activities on its digital platforms aimed at attracting the public to participate in many competitions in which the winners will get A variety of gifts and prizes.

“Stc” stated that it produced the national artistic work “Azhalha”, with the participation of the beloved singer Ibrahim Al Hakami, influential Kuwaiti talents and heroes in various fields, including two talents from her distinguished family, Aseel Al-Shaheen, the certified international referee for tennis, and Mohammed Al-Maraghi, Kuwait’s ice hockey player To shed light on their achievements and the extent of their deep love and pride for this country, in addition to the courageous role of the front lines.

She pointed to launching a series of internal campaigns for its employees to celebrate national holidays, and giving them an opportunity to participate in activities and competitions aimed at highlighting this happy occasion, with prizes being distributed to the winners.

The company thanked the efforts made by the AM Agency and Vision Visuals team for their cooperative efforts in producing the artwork that received positive feedback from the public, in addition to the Ministry of Interior for its cooperation. The knight, Sharifa Al Awadi, and the artist Hamad Al Humaidan, nicknamed « The Little Picasso »by the BBC, the Traham Volunteer Team, the athlete Fahd Al-Jarallah, Ibrahim Al-Langawi and Abdul Rahman Al-Awadi, the Kuwaiti tennis team champions, Aseel Al-Shaheen, and Mohammed Al-Maraghi.

The company stressed that, upon launching its initiatives, it was keen to follow health guidelines regarding social distancing, and to take all safety measures and apply them to the highest degree.

“Stc” indicated that the heroes who participated in the production, including Al-Hakami, used sign language as a form of expression and communication with others.

Dana Faisal Al Jassim, Director General of Corporate Communications Department at “stc”, said, “At the beginning, we would like to congratulate stc the Amir, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah and His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah on the occasion of Kuwait’s celebration of national holidays.”

“We dedicate this production to the people of Kuwait, highlighting the talents and honorable models that have a positive impact on society and have contributed to carrying the flag of Kuwait high across various forums, and we strongly believe in the role that the private sector plays in line with our mission of providing support to the local community and the people of Kuwait,” she added. We promise to continue participating in initiatives that will have a long-term beneficial impact on future generations. ”

Al-Jassim affirmed stc’s commitment to its strategy of giving back to Kuwait, in various ways that help empower and strengthen society, and during festive occasions, such as national holidays.

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