stc Masters attracts electronic games enthusiasts

– Atwi: Our partnership with Zawaya Gaming aims to become the preferred destination for esports

The Kuwaiti telecom company “stc” launched the “stc Masters” platform for online games that focuses on organizing e-sports tournaments, in cooperation with “Zawaya Gaming” company, which specializes in managing award-winning “eSports” events.

Through this initiative, stc aims to encourage different talents in the field of online games, by participating in various tournaments.

stc stated that its partnership with Zawaya Gaming comes within the framework of supporting the long-term goals it shares with it, related to developing the local electronic games market, through the use of the event management platform “Zemmz Play” in Kuwait.

She added that the platform will provide enthusiastic local players with the opportunity to join organized esports tournaments, to showcase their skills and talents, in order to compete for valuable prizes, pointing out that the newly formed partnership is its first step in the field of electronic games, in order to support this industry that has gained Wide popularity on a global scale.

The tournaments will provide players with the opportunity to compete for a total of $50,000 prizes awarded to the winners throughout the season, as they will compete by participating in 4 games across 16 diverse tournaments, with the finalists competing in the grand tournament that will be held next October.

stc indicated that the final stage of the tournament will be broadcast live to viewers, and the winners of the stc Masters competition in its first season will be revealed.

And it indicated that after the end of the first season in early October, it will launch a new season of “stc Masters”, promising that the next season will be longer and more comprehensive and that it will maintain the same standard to encourage competition and challenge among local players to prove that they are the best in Kuwait.

the door is open

“stc” clarified that the first season of “stc Masters” will be open to all players to register through “Zemmz play”, and it will consist of a series of tournaments.

Online games in season one include the widely popular “Battle Royale” games PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile), “Call of Duty” licensed by Tencent and Activision.

The competitions will include tournaments in the game “Fortnite” and “FIFA 21” as well as approved community events for the first season, in preparation for forming official partnerships with “Epic Games” and “EA Sports” in the following seasons.

The first season

Due to “Covid-19” restrictions, the first season will focus on online tournaments, with plans for live game tournaments in the future once the epidemic subsides, based on stc’s continued keenness to implement the appropriate instructions issued by the Ministry of Health regarding social distancing to the fullest extent when Executing any of its various initiatives, which is also imposed by the company within its head office and through its branches and in any external initiatives in which it participates to avoid the spread of infection

Amer Atwi, CEO of stc’s Consumer Sales, expressed his pride in presenting the first season of the “stc Masters” program, in cooperation with award-winning esports event management company, Zawaya Gaming.

He said that the company aims, through “Zemmz Play”, to host online tournaments that will raise the level of the local gaming scene, and the emergence of “stc” as a regional player in this fast-growing industry.

Atwi indicated that the company aims, through this partnership, to enhance its visibility in this field, and to provide players with an advanced bilingual platform that reflects its vision of becoming the preferred esports center in Kuwait.

starting point

Atwi said, “The first season of the (stc Masters) program is a starting point in our journey within the online gaming industry, and we aim to enhance our activities with larger activities that are already being worked on, and we aim to expand the platform concept by providing players with an unparalleled experience Powered by leading digital and communication solutions.

Atwi explained that the launch of “stc Masters” is in line with the company’s commitment to enabling digital transformation in Kuwait in various fields and industries.

He indicated that stc has invested in building a strong 5G infrastructure to provide high internet speeds through a stable network with low latency for a smooth gaming experience.

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