“Stc” leads the Middle East and North Africa with the commercial infrastructure of the fifth generation

Al-Ali: We meet the digital transformation strategies of the business sector

“Stc” celebrated the successful commercial launch of the integrated fifth generation network with “Stand Alone 5G SA 5G” technology. This achievement is considered the latest, most advanced and integrated comprehensive network that complies with the standards of the integrated fifth generation (3GPP).

“Stc” has also succeeded in implementing the widest range of integrated 5G service coverage compared to other mobile phone service providers in the Middle East and North Africa region, on the band 2.1GHz Sub-3GHz. In addition to these two accomplishments, it strengthened its infrastructure by implementing the system. Supporting the most advanced digital business.

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Upload data

In a statement, stc indicated that it continues to develop the infrastructure for the integrated fifth generation network (5G SA), which supports the digital transformation of various business sectors and is in line with the vision of “Kuwait 2035”.

The technology of the integrated fifth generation (5G SA) network will enhance the experience of “stc” customers, whether individuals or institutions, by providing them with a higher rate of uploading data to meet the needs of specialized applications such as business applications, especially since the data upload rate is of equal importance to the data download rate. .

The technology will improve the response time, which is one of the most important standards for the Internet of Things (IoT) and (M2M), video games, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

The integrated fifth generation “SA” network is also distinguished by providing the best protection, privacy and speed assurance with what is known as “NetworkSlicing”.

“Stc” added that the integrated fifth generation “G SA5” network will contribute to enabling the infrastructure and cloud services “Cloud & Edge Native” to enhance the application of multiple access computing services (MEC), which allows services to be brought closer to customers’ places such as Big “Data” and artificial intelligence. AI »autonomous driving and the use of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The integrated fifth generation network enables various sectors to benefit from the company’s infrastructure, by segmenting the network in a safe, isolated, highly efficient and guaranteed manner, known as (Network Slicing), which will allow business customers and entities The government will accelerate the implementation of its current and future plans, by relying on this infrastructure without the need for long periods of time or high financial costs.

Diverse requirements

This technology will enable “stc” to provide digital services that suit the various requirements of various sectors, such as applications for calls via the fifth generation integrated (VoNR), access to data «DA», access to the Internet «DI», and cloud services on demand, such as surveillance camera services. A “cloud CCTV” dimension, smart city services and help companies innovate and generate new revenues in untapped markets.

This comes at a time when «stc» began planning to implement the development of the integrated fifth generation on the frequency band «2.1 Ghz Sub-3Ghz» since mid-2020 in an effort to enhance the customer experience and provide better service for the integrated fifth generation, especially in residential and commercial buildings with high altitudes and industrial places. .

The company is working to complete the implementation of these projects across the country, becoming the first telecom operator to launch such advanced technology commercially on a large scale in the Middle East and North Africa.

Stc plans to implement more expansions this year, which work to improve the customer experience (QoE) for integrated fifth generation services such as voice calls (HD voice), video in 4K resolution, online games and audiovisual applications such as education and remote work. The new services are provided through most of the modern smartphones that support the 2.1 GHz band, and other integrated fifth generation devices, including Apple, Samsung and Huawei devices.

This will enable all “stc” users to have better access through the “5G Carrier Aggregation” feature, which in turn increases the speed of connection to the network and the Internet by merging the frequency bands.

Provide the latest

The company’s chief technology officer, Fahad Abdul-Rahman Al-Ali, said that “stc” is always working to provide the latest technology in the world of communication industry for the integrated fifth generation network and infrastructure, to ensure support and meet the needs and strategies of digital transformation of the business sector in the local market, and seeks to provide High quality services and customer satisfaction, pointing out that it is therefore investing in bandwidth (5G-SA & Sub-3Ghz 2.1Ghz)

Al-Ali added, “We have come a great way to accelerate the preparation of operations to support the digital transformation of various sectors, through the establishment of advanced business support systems that support the achievement of a wide range of industrial transformations and the different requirements of business models, and this stems from our continuous commitment to meet the needs of emerging companies, small and medium and large companies and institutions. By providing flexible and automated service solutions that are subject to change, development and guaranteed, they can accelerate the implementation of their digital strategies through the integrated fifth generation platform, allowing the introduction of new business solutions and processes for their businesses.

New opportunities

Al-Ali mentioned that the company’s strategic plans focus on providing new business opportunities, by taking advantage of the capabilities of its integrated fifth generation infrastructure, which has the ability to design rich, multidimensional and cloud-based solutions that allow companies and institutions to be provided with guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs). .

Through the deployment of wide coverage of integrated 5G services on a band of 2.1Ghz, stc will provide improved levels of deep internal coverage, and a better user experience, which will lay a strong foundation for the development of voice services on the integrated fifth generation mobile broadband (5G MBB).

He emphasized that the continuous support for the business growth of stc clients from companies and institutions comes as a major contribution to the digital transformation of business in line with Kuwait’s Vision 2035.

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