“Stc” launches “Lean” for entrepreneurs and restaurants

Al-Hamad: The companies team is appointing owners of small and medium enterprises to stand up again

Kuwait Telecom Company (stc) launched its latest technology solution, “Lean,” which targets its current and potential clients, including entrepreneurs and project owners in the restaurant sector.

The “Lynn” service, which is launched by “stc” exclusively for restaurant owners, aims to improve the performance of their small and medium enterprises, by enabling digital transformation, and providing one of the best and latest technical solutions to manage restaurant operations, with an efficiency that matches international standards in this sector, which is witnessing an increasing demand and great challenges.

The “Lean ROT” technology for managing restaurant operations is characterized by a number of characteristics that enable project owners to operate their operations with the highest possible efficiency and professionalism, and contribute to enhancing the volume of sales revenue, increasing productivity and improving marketing activities on the one hand, and helps to reduce operational costs. And reduce the amount of additional employment.

This digital technology is the latest in communication technologies worldwide, and is characterized by smart technologies dedicated to developing restaurant operations, in a way that serves the owners of small and medium enterprises more, in light of the tremendous challenges facing this segment of projects in light of the Corona crisis, the increasing competitiveness and the rise Operating costs are increasing, as the world is moving towards the use of digital technologies in developing businesses at various levels and sectors.

The all-new “Lean” service involves the use of the latest programming technologies and artificial intelligence. Most restaurant operations are managed with the least possible human intervention, thanks to the accounting software it owns. It includes reviewing product inventory size, human resources data, purchases and payments, so that the business owner does not require more. From the issuance of the invoice to the rest of the reviews are done automatically without any additional human intervention.

The exclusive Lynn service is available at stc within a unified subscription system at a competitive value, within monthly installments systems that include linking sales, marketing, orders, cashier, accounting, human resources and procurement management systems.

The service is the most preferred alternative to fully undertake accounting and human resources tasks, rather than employing an accountant and human resource management expert.

The integrated system has multiple uses and features, with the ability to add an unlimited number of users, points of sale and operation within a single subscription plan.

The system provides solutions for a chain of multiple branches of “franchise”, which supports project owners in their expansion plans and the opening of a series of new branches locally, regionally and in various parts of the world.

The latest solutions The general manager of corporate sales at “stc”, Mashary Al-Hamad, said that based on its inherent role in serving entrepreneurs and business owners of various sizes, and within the various market sectors, the company strives to provide the latest solutions, services and digital platforms of international standards. To provide the best service to its current and potential customers.

He added that since the launch of the “stc” strategy for digital transformation, the corporate sector team has been working to provide all platforms, exclusive and exceptional offers and some free offers, to serve the purposes and goals of customers, in order to help them overcome this difficult stage which is witnessing many challenges at the economic level.

Al-Hamad pointed out that the “COVID-19” pandemic has forced quite a few companies, restaurants and project owners to stop their business for a short period of time, prompting them to incur additional sums that fall within the losses.

And he indicated that from this standpoint, the stc team of companies worked to search all possible ways to provide aid to that large segment in the local market, in a way that would contribute to stopping this bleeding, and help the owners of small and medium enterprises to stand on their feet again without incurring additional unwanted costs. In which.

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