“Stc” launches an exclusive training program for students and recent graduates

Kuwait Telecom Company “stc” continued its exclusive training program for aspiring students and recent graduates interested in obtaining realistic practical experience in the telecommunications sector, noting that it was designed to achieve great added value that would help them shape their future careers.

“Stc” concluded a training course, within the framework of its continuous program, which aims to embrace various students and recent graduates who wish to pursue practical and scientific achievement, and learn more about the communications sector and the company’s pioneering role, especially in light of the current circumstances.

During the internal training course, which is organized in cooperation with local universities, the trainees were asked to work remotely and participate in events on specific occasions so that they could effectively apply what they had studied and develop their personal knowledge throughout the experience.

The trainees got an opportunity to enter the dynamic work environment in one of the leading telecommunications companies in the region, while students from Kuwait University joined the public relations unit program at stc, so that each of them received a specific set of standards and implementable goals that must be achieved throughout the journey. Training based on the department’s requirements, and they obtained a certificate of passing training from the company’s human resources department.

The program included a detailed explanation of the company’s history since its inception, and an introductory tour of the tasks of the various sections and departments of “stc”, within the framework of the sustainable strategy for social responsibility to empower young people and distinguished cadres from inside and outside the company.

The human resources sector team at “stc” received students and recent graduates within the framework of the company’s ongoing strategy to provide comprehensive training programs for cadres eager to gain experience and integrated knowledge about the telecommunications sector and its work environment.

The CEO of stc’s human resources sector, Eng. Ahmed Al-Hammad, said that the company is always keen to support the educational sector and Kuwaiti students at home and abroad in various specializations, by providing them with the opportunity to obtain practical knowledge about the telecommunications sector.

He added, “We always strive to enhance the skills of the human cadres working in (stc), believing in the necessity of investing in our employees and providing them with the knowledge and environment that allow them to reach their full potential, in a way that contributes to the success of the company’s goals and reflects positively on the telecommunications sector in general.”

Al-Hammad added, “We were pleased to see the promising Kuwaiti youth completing the training program organized by stc, which we launched through our digital platforms that allow remote work for our employees. Professionalism ».

The Internship Program is available to university students and recent graduates with a strong academic record and a high level of commitment, and between the ages of 18 and 25.

The programs last for a period ranging between 2 and 3 months, and “stc” is dedicated to maximizing competencies, raising awareness of ways to effectively manage time, and providing an actual work experience.

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