stc hosted a workshop on the basics of volunteer work

– Dana Al Jassim: Our commitment to initiatives to raise community awareness is part of our responsibility

Kuwait Telecom Company (stc) hosted a workshop on the basic aspects of volunteer work in Kuwait, in cooperation with the volunteer team “Tarahum”.

In a statement, the company pointed out that the session was organized within the framework of the strategic partnership between “stc” and “Durat”, the platform for education services and digital courses, in line with the objectives of its “Weyak” initiative in its second season, with the aim of empowering and supporting the community and enriching the lives of the participants in the courses by organizing A series of educational programmes, workshops and online courses in a number of diverse fields.

Suleiman Al-Hamoud

She explained that the workshop, which lasted for 5 days, included discussing both theoretical and practical aspects aimed at highlighting the importance of volunteer work in society, as the participants who attended were able to achieve a comprehensive understanding of how to manage volunteer projects, as well as some related skills such as Photography of volunteering, the relationship between psychology and volunteering, and the etiquette of volunteering, as well as ways to apply these concepts in the real world.

The company stated that the program was organized and supervised by the Trahum volunteer team, where the sessions were presented by the most famous trainers in this field, namely Abdulaziz Al-Roumi, Hassan Al-Attar, Afaf Al-Jassem and Ahmed Ragab.

She added that a volunteer project will be implemented during the month of Ramadan, giving participants the opportunity to apply the concepts they learned in a realistic environment, as this initiative is one of many similar initiatives launched by stc in order to educate the public and spread awareness about key issues in society.

In addition, she indicated that the company entered into a strategic cooperation with the “Tarahum” volunteer team, and other teams of volunteers in Kuwait, with the aim of supporting various initiatives that affect society and are in line with stc’s comprehensive social responsibility program.

Commenting on this initiative, Dana Al Jassim, Director General of Corporate Communications at stc, said: “We are pleased to continue our cooperation with (Durat) and the (Tarahum) team through a meaningful event that contributes to educating individuals about the importance of participating in volunteer work.

Given that giving to society is an essential step to building a more sustainable future, especially for the younger generations, this workshop shed light on some key aspects of volunteering and how these programs can help spread a broader and positive impact.

Al-Jassem added: “Our commitment to organizing events and initiatives that contribute to raising community awareness of sustainable humanitarian initiatives, such as volunteering, is an integral part of stc’s corporate social responsibility program.”

And she continued, “We will continue to provide programs that support the framework of social responsibility, in a way that contributes to creating a positive impact on the communities we serve.

With the holy month of Ramadan approaching, (stc) plans to implement activities within the framework of its annual corporate social responsibility agenda, in addition to programs that will support the community throughout the month.

Moreover, we look forward to collaborating with more entities within the public and private sectors to support as many individuals as possible, while empowering the younger generation.”

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