stc honors “Tarahum” volunteers for their charitable initiatives

Al-Jassem: We are constantly working on launching initiatives to support and empower the community

The CEO of stc, Eng. Mazyad bin Nasser Al-Harbi, honored the members of the volunteering team, Tarahum, in appreciation of the vital role and continuous cooperation they played, and as a message of thanks and gratitude to the team for the effort and success achieved through the initiatives that brought together the two institutions on various occasions during the past years.

Al-Harbi delivered a speech of appreciation addressed to the management of “Tarahum” and the various work teams that cooperated with “stc” for the success of its Ramadan campaign for the year 2021 and 2020, as well as the campaign to clean the Kuwait beach in the Sabiya area. The meeting also witnessed the presentation of certificates of appreciation.

stc indicated in a statement that this step comes to confirm its policy of supporting the Kuwaiti society through various humanitarian and community initiatives, and an indication of the extended and successful relations that the two institutions share in supporting society and preserving the environment.

stc stated that it had recently launched its humanitarian initiatives “#Today_Appreciate” in cooperation with the Trahum volunteer team for the second year in a row. It also included various humanitarian initiatives, with the aim of bringing joy and happiness to the hearts of a number of personalities, coinciding with the month of goodness.

stc pointed out that it has partnered with the “Tarahum” volunteer team in the “Let’s Clean” initiative, the largest campaign of its kind to clean the Al-Subiya desert, which came after the start of the camping season last winter in Kuwait, especially since the Sabiya desert is a major destination. For family leisure activities.

stc added that it participated, in addition to many small and medium-sized companies, government institutions, private companies and volunteers, in the “Al-Subiya” initiative launched by the volunteer team Trahum to properly dispose of all the waste remaining in the desert, and witnessed the contribution of 1,375 participants, who were able to collect more than 10 tons of waste. Items put into more than 2,500 waste bags.

For her part, General Manager of Corporate Communications Department at stc Dana Faisal Al-Jassem said: “While entertainment is a necessity to achieve a balanced lifestyle, (stc) does not lose sight of the importance of preserving our environment by eliminating harmful waste, as well as supporting our Kuwaiti society. Through various humanitarian initiatives, and here comes the role of the volunteer team in supporting these activities.”

Al-Jassem expressed stc’s gratitude and appreciation for the role of the “Tarahum” volunteer team, for the support they provided to the success of the company’s goals of social responsibility, stressing that the two work teams worked hand in hand to give back to the Kuwaiti community.

Al-Jassem pointed out that this honor reflects the basic values ​​that the company believes in, which focuses on achieving sustainable results and bearing future prospects, pointing out that stc is constantly working to launch initiatives that contribute to supporting and empowering society, despite the circumstances we face today.

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