stc encourages people with special needs

The Kuwait Telecom Company (stc) participated in the closing ceremony of the summer club for Center 21, which is the first center of its kind for young people with special needs over 21 years old.

Through its participation, stc aimed to provide young people with special needs with an entertaining and distinctive experience to celebrate their last day in the summer club, and joined the celebration with the center on this occasion to express its appreciation for the role of youth in the local community, and distributed snacks, organized various entertainment activities and distributed gifts on the participants.

The company stated that in its quest to provide pioneering services and solutions that create added value for customers, with promotions based on enriching their experience with its most advanced network, it will design distinctive and flexible packages for people with special needs to meet their needs.

stc’s participation in the initiative comes as a continuation of the series of summer activities and in the framework of its campaign “Because We Care”, under the umbrella of the comprehensive social responsibility program, as it participated in many initiatives to support the community of people with special needs as part of its commitment to stand by the Kuwaiti society.

In line with the strategy of the Corporate Social Responsibility program, the company has strengthened successful cooperation relationships with private and governmental entities over the past years, enabling it to make a broader impact in society, and has established a long-term and successful partnership with local small and medium companies to support the economy and entrepreneurs, with a focus on supporting Various segments and issues of influence within society.

Dana Al Jassim, General Manager of Corporate Communications Department at stc, said, “We participated in this initiative to provide a unique and unforgettable experience for young people with special needs, and we are proud of our partnership with a local center, such as Center 21, to provide them with a unique experience.”

Al-Jassem added that it is necessary to communicate with all segments of Kuwaiti society, especially those with special needs, as they are an integral part of society, through various experiences that spread joy and raise awareness about the needs and requirements of these groups.

Al-Jassem stressed the need for social empowerment of these groups, in order to integrate people with special needs in a proper manner in society in various fields of integration, whether academic, social, cultural and others, valuing concerted efforts and constructive cooperation in order to achieve a basic and human goal, pointing out that the company continues to encourage these groups. The category and the support of its members and highlighting their talents, noting that the campaign «Because We Care» aims for everyone to participate in their successes and achievements in society.

She stated that, in line with its commitment to giving back to the community, stc will continue its plans to promote basic initiatives within the framework of the corporate social responsibility program, and will continue to cooperate with local small and medium companies that share the same views and goals when it comes to community service.

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