stc concludes its participation in “Avenues Sky”

The Kuwaiti Telecom Company “stc” concluded its successful participation in the second season of “Avenues Sky”, which was held at “The Avenues” last February, and included a variety of activities that suit all family members.

stc stated that its participation aimed at the participation of the Kuwaiti people in celebrating the national holidays, as part of the comprehensive social responsibility program that it prepared during the month of February for the Kuwaiti people to participate in their celebrations of the national holidays. A set of valuable prizes for visitors and participants.

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She stated that the event included the broadcast of the lyrical TV advertisement entitled “We Loved It”, which was launched by “stc” in celebration of the National Day, as the artwork received great approval and comments, which was evident through the interaction of the audience present for the event.

She added that she organized a cinematic evening for the movie “Ash Man”, which was very popular with children, and included a raffle to win two tickets to attend the play, in addition to an opportunity to experience an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience. Therefore, stc decided to hold an additional night during the last week of the event.

She added that in celebration of the national holidays on February 25 and 26, stc held continuous activities throughout the month as part of its comprehensive program under the slogan “February and Wide Change with stc”, in line with its corporate social responsibility strategy.

On this occasion, Dana Al Jassim, General Manager of Corporate Communications at stc said: “We are pleased with the outstanding turnout for the event and the outstanding interaction and participation of visitors to the stc pavilion, especially youth and children.

We are also proud of our participation in a community initiative that will be added to our list of recreational activities for all Kuwaitis during the month of February.”

Al-Jassem explained: “It is of paramount importance that we support the local community based on our leadership role in the market and our solid network of relationships with both the public and private sectors to show our pride and love for Kuwait and the people of Kuwait.”

She stated: “(stc) aims to enrich people’s lifestyles across various aspects, whether that is through our wide range of solutions and offers, or through launching activities and initiatives.”

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