stc completes “Safe Education” by visiting schools

The Kuwait Telecom Company (stc) visited a number of local schools in various stages and regions, to encourage male and female students to maintain their safety, and schools for students of learning differences, out of its continuous cooperation with the Kuwait Association for Learning Differences (KALD).

The stc public relations team, with the participation of Hadeel Al-Abdullah in these visits, was keen to provide encouragement gifts to the students, as part of its sponsorship of the national campaign for the return of students to school under the slogan “Safe Education”, and within the company’s initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility.

stc continues its campaign to spread valuable awareness information through its various social media channels, which contributes to informing followers of healthy and sound practices during the study period, in addition to organizing field visits to some schools with the aim of spreading awareness.

Dana Al-Jassem, Director General of Corporate Communications Department at stc, said that the company has worked since the outbreak of the pandemic to support community initiatives that help enhance awareness and knowledge of the target groups, through awareness messages launched through social networking sites, and by sending text messages via The phone is a reminder of the necessity and importance of implementing health and security instructions to protect students.

Al-Jassem added that on the occasion of the return to schools, the company was keen to play its role in supporting the local community, in line with government directives in this regard, by strengthening and confirming the commitment of students and parents to apply the precautionary and health requirements and procedures, since leaving the house, to ensure that the educational process proceeds safely.

Al-Jassem explained that based on the values ​​and strategy of “stc” in the field of social responsibility, it was keen to meet the call of the state ministries in order to support their efforts in protecting Kuwaiti society from the risks of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic since the beginning of the crisis.

And she indicated that the company continues its role in this field, believing in the important role it plays and the importance of its initiatives for social responsibility, pointing out that it will spare no effort to continue implementing social responsibility initiatives, in a way that enhances its role in supporting the community, which will be in the interest of building a healthy and free nation. from epidemics.

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