“Stc” celebrates the Saudi National Day with the video “We are one … and our country is one”

The company offered a 50 percent discount on calls to Saudi Arabia

The Kuwait Telecommunications Company “stc” celebrated the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its own way.

The company, with its roots extending from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, dedicated the Kuwaiti and Saudi peoples to a new artistic work under the title “We are one, and our country is one”, with its participation in the celebration of the 90th National Day.

The video focuses on showing the strong ties and embodying the spirit of brotherhood that has united Saudi Arabia and the State of Kuwait throughout history.

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The company, as a subsidiary of the “stc” group, expressed its sincere appreciation to the Saudi citizens, and expressed its pride and appreciation on the occasion of this unforgettable day.

The senior management team and employees at stc participated in the celebration, wishing their neighbors a happy National Day.

The company offered a 50 percent discount on all international calls to Saudi Arabia to its customers during the National Day.

Dana Al-Jasem, General Manager of Corporate Communication at “stc”, expressed the appreciation of the company and its team and the overwhelming happiness on the occasion of the Saudi people’s celebrations of this national day firm in the conscience.

Al-Jassim added, “From this standpoint, we should have presented a message of brotherhood and blessing, on behalf of the Kuwaiti people, to the brotherly Saudi people, in a way that reflects the true feelings and close relations that bind them together, and we are always keen to share with the Saudi people their joy on the National Day through a unique artistic work. Therefore, we launched a video (We are one, and our country is one).

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