“Stc” allows parents of its employees to work remotely

The Kuwaiti Telecom Company “stc” revealed its new internal policy on working from home, as it will allow parents and working parents the option to work remotely, allowing them to supervise their children and support them to continue education from home.

In a statement, stc indicated that, against the background of the current conditions in Kuwait due to the repercussions of the new Corona virus, which affected several aspects, most notably education, and based on the decision issued regarding starting studies from homes, which may constitute a challenge for Working parents, she saw the importance of searching for practical alternatives that contribute to supporting parents in their obligations towards their children.

Stc launched its new policy to allow parents who wish to attend educational classes for their children to work from home, especially as the new education system imposes a number of requirements that require the presence of parents to facilitate procedures related to e-learning services.

Apply all health requirements in the hall

The work from home policy is in line with the company’s continuous commitment to support its employees and their families in times of challenges, as it has implemented a series of initiatives, since the outbreak of the epidemic, to protect its employees and reduce work requirements, in line with safety standards and guidelines announced by the Ministry of Health.

The CEO of the company’s human resources sector, Ahmed Al-Hammad, said that “stc” believes, based on its deep appreciation of its employees, that leadership in providing communication services and advanced digital solutions can only be achieved by enhancing loyalty and providing suitable conditions for them to work hard and devotion.

Al-Hammad added that the new policy of working from home aims to assist the company’s employees in their responsibility of caring for their students, and to continue to provide the superior level of service that stc is accustomed to when it comes to providing the best services to its customers.

He pointed out that with the start of the new school year, it will be difficult for parents working in the office, to be next to their children in their attempt to attend classes online.

He added that it is a matter of pride that “stc” is the first company in the Kuwaiti private sector to carry out this procedure, which will provide its employees with the option to work remotely, noting that, as one of the pioneers in the sector, adapting its culture to economic conditions according to a set of controls and requirements, It enhances employee loyalty and improves overall work efficiency, to meet the diverse needs of customers.


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