“stc”: a new device with “zeed”

The Kuwait Telecom Company (stc) announced that the current postpaid customers can get a new device from among several options to be added to their current subscription with payment options in convenient installments, through the new “Zeed” program.

stc indicated that zeed will provide existing stc customers, who meet the requirements, the opportunity to add a second device of their choice among a wide range of smartphones, smart watches, game consoles, routers and tablets, as well as other products offered.

The company pointed out that all that is required of customers to add a new device is to call (102) or visit its website or the “mystc” application, and choose the device they wish to add to their packages, as customers will then have options to pay in convenient installments.

“We are proud to launch (zeed), the new program that meets the needs of our customers in line with their lifestyle and enriches their overall experience with us,” said Amer Atwi, CEO of Consumer Sales at stc.

He added, “We always aim, through our services and renewable products, to constantly enhance our offerings to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, and to guarantee them the quality of the product and the best prices, and we believe that providing (zeed) to postpaid customers will allow them to choose the devices that suit them, based on their lifestyle, which will make them always Connected to the digital world we live in today.

Atwi explained that when launching a product, the company continues to evaluate the qualities that attract the target audience greatly, and ensure that they are provided with a renewed experience that brings them the greatest benefit, noting that by providing a rich set of products and services, which include the latest smartphones, routers and entertainment, it gives The company offers customers an unparalleled choice in terms of quality, value and convenience.

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