“Stanley” behind Kubrick

Miserly in friendship, the filmmaker did not disdain that of the American reporter Michael Herr. The latter painted his portrait at the height of a man in a book which is finally appearing in French.

He could call at any time. Stanley Kubrick called Michael Herr preferably in the middle of the night. For the filmmaker, the gap did not exist. The former war correspondent had seen others. We owe him the mythical Fucking death. It was he who had been responsible for the voice-over in Apocalypse Now and co-writer of Full Metal Jacket. “Stanley Kubrick was a friend of mine, so long as people like Stanley have friends”, he confides modestly and lucidly. The reporter knew the character’s habits. “He saw the telephone as Mao the war, that is to say, as the instrument of a long-term offensive where control of the ground was decisive and timing crucial.”

“Stanley was not what you might call a balanced boy”

Michael herr

They had met in 1980, through John Le Carré. The director had invited them to a screening of Shining before the film’s release, then taken to dinner at Childwick Bury, his 50 hectare estate in North London. The genius allegedly

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