Stage set for new-age classrooms

Pankaj Sharma

The world is largely dealing with COVID-19 and the education system has been deeply impacted by it. The one thing that we have already witnessed is that technology is surely going to continue to be the polestar for the way ahead. We have come a long way from the conventional setup of the students sitting on rows of benches and taking down notes as the teacher dictates or writes on the board. Rote learning is not encouraged anymore and there are a lot of changes that are giving education the holistic shape that it needs. However, the metamorphosis has just begun. Here is why the conventional classroom is going to cease to exist for something much better in the future:

No more one person-centric, but more of a group discussion

Since time immemorial, we have associated classroom teaching with one teacher imparting education while students take down the insights. But, what started off as brainstorming in corporate culture has come a long way in the education field.

Now, group projects, classroom discussions are considered to be an important part of learning. In fact, the idea of ​​slotted lectures with no interaction would cease to exist in the near future. Educational entities are finding more and more ways to help develop the intellect of their students. This has started at a very ripe age of 2-3 years olds too. But, for more career-driven courses- this new approach is surely going to help inculcate the confidence required by young aspirants to succeed.

Flexible assignments, intellect appreciated more

Educators are doing away with ‘one size fits all’ with feasible strategies. More and more teachers are finding ways to garner the interest of young minds and shape them in a way that keeps growing. So, the usual classroom submissions are going to see a change with innovative assignments taking over.

Teachers are taking over the true role of being a guide and doing away with spoon feeding. This helps encourage healthy discussions and young aspirants can get the guidance they so absolutely need to grow in life.

Changes in invigilation of examinations

As we are becoming more environment conscious, the one thing that COVID has brought about is more rampant conducting of examinations in the online format. While the invigilation can get a little more tricky, this format is surely going to help in saving a lot of paper.

Plus, it will make the evaluation process a lot less tedious with the support of algorithms and software. It will also encourage qualitative learning as plagiarism is a lot easier to detect on the online front. Plus, there are a host of tools available online to channelize the creativity and intellect of young students. So, the age old method of just writing exams or submitting assignments will also get obsolete.

Course material variants will increase

This is definitely one of the biggest advantages of technology becoming the epicenter of our educational system. Course material would not be limited to textbooks and innovative educational material like podcasts and documentaries would also make it to the course curriculum.

Also, distance learning is going to get a different connotation. Typically, we associate distance learning with extra language courses or something that is out of the curriculum. But, with the pandemic forcing technology to keep up to its potential, we most definitely can look beyond the geographical barriers.

But, the aforementioned changes are going to help shape up classrooms with a completely different perspective. It will be not only beneficial for students, but will also give a host of new skills to educators. Overall, the education system stands to benefit from these new changes and we are looking forward to the ever-growing innovation in this field.

The writer is President, Lexicon Group of Institutes

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