Stade de France incidents: speed and precipitation

The scenes of chaos, the tear gas, the crying children, the free riders who climb the gates and parade on social networks. The show was already not glorious. The turn the controversy is taking is even less so. Since the incidents at the Stade de France last Saturday as a prelude to the Champions League final, the defense of public authorities has been messy to say the least.

→ ANALYSIS. Stade de France incidents: the Senate awaits explanations from Gérald Darmanin

Even before the launch of an investigation, the Minister of the Interior and his sports colleague publicly advanced the thesis of massive counterfeit ticket fraud. According to them, this is what would have led 30,000 to 40,000 Liverpool supporters to go to Saint-Denis without being able to access the stadium. So far, nothing has backed up these claims. Football authorities put forward figures ten to fifteen times lower. The RATP, for its part, did not notice any particular crowds. Gérald Darmanin and Amélie Oudéa-Castéra will therefore have to be more precise this Wednesday, during their hearing in the Senate.

→ ANALYSIS. At the Stade de France, the strategy of the authorities called into question

The stake is important. It is not just a question of our country’s reputation as an organizer, but also of the credibility of public speaking. In this case, there are many who have an interest in clearing customs. Just as many are those who seek to use the event: it is “the fault of the police”, “the fault of the suburbs”, “the fault of the English”… Faced with what must be called a fiasco ( while emphasizing the fortunate absence of serious injuries), there is only one possible answer: transparency. This takes time. In this sense, tossing off accusations is – as we used to say on the sidelines – confusing speed with haste.


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